Joseph Nogucci

Howdy everyone! I hope that you all are doing just fine and dandy? Just the other day I received three Joseph Nogucci bracelets in the mail and just had to do a little posting about them. They are STUNNING, and the packaging is perfect. As most of you know, I consider the packaging to be just as important as the actual product. I don’t know why I am like that but if you get my attention just from the packaging I know that you will keep my attention with the product. 

I can remember over the years seeing Joseph Nogucci in some of the hottest magazines on the shelves, including the InStyle UK and OK USA. 

The Joseph Nogucci collection offers an eclectic and expansive range of designs, all drawing inspiration from a wealth of sources. Charged with symbolic significance and historical, mystical, & popular meaning, Joseph Nogucci’s pieces of wearable art always have more behind them than meets the eye. Joseph Nogucci’s catalogue includes jewelry crafted from semi-precious stones, precious metals, beads, crystals & much more.

First off, the packaging! When you receive your new Joseph Nogucci design, it comes in a beautiful box along with a small card that is the “Jewelry Certificate of Authenticity”. The bracelets that I received were cushioned in the little box. Along with the new bracelets I also received a little bag to keep the bracelets, but honestly, I prefer just the box. 

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Each bracelet is just stunning themselves. I received three of the Joseph Nogucci bracelets, one being the Intuitive Silver Aura Purple Amethyst, which is a beautiful purple Amethyst stones with polished stainless steel accents. Each of the bracelets has a deeper meaning than just being beautiful accents to your outfit. 

The Aura – an electromagnetic field emitted from all organisms and objects – depicts the emotional, physical and spiritual state of one’s well being and balance throughout a lifetime. Semiprecious stones reflect upon the colors representing an aura, can help renew balance, and emit a soothing and desirable aura one wishes to positively affect their own. Let the aura of these beautiful semiprecious stone bracelets cleanse your spirit, to find balance and positivity in your life.

Not only could you wear these individually but they are perfect for stacking!

I can see personally that I will be wearing these a lot. They really could go with so many outfits, and I adore jewelry that I can wear during multiple occasions. Right now, if you head to the Joseph Nogucci website you can receive 60% off your first order by signing up for their newsletter (ends Feb 28th), code is ZEN (only on select items). I would totally recommend checking them out with summer coming (I hope soon) we all could use a little something to put the perfect finish on our summer outfits. 


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