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How to Make Your Small House Look Bigger and Spacious

When many people think of a small house, they imagine cramped rooms and difficult-to-use furniture. However, there are many ways to make your small home look spacious without spending lots of money or time. The space will also be cozy, making it a perfect place to relax. How do you achieve this?

Bedroom interior with comfy bed and bench

Let In More Light

Creative lighting opens up a space making it look bigger, relaxed, and brighter. You can achieve this by using natural lighting or installing skylights in the house to let light in during the day. 

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Double hung window replacement can also bring in more light into the home. Install additional windows on walls that are less exposed to natural light, giving you a lot of room for plants or small accents without blocking out natural light.

Don’t Use Too Much Furniture

Furniture with storage is great because it keeps things neat and organized, but too much can make the room look cluttered. Keep minimal pieces to avoid making your house feel smaller. Use furniture with hidden storage compartments to maximize your small space and keep things organized.

Create A Visual Flow

It can be hard to achieve a sense of flow when working with smaller spaces, but there are ways around it. Make your furniture more fluid by using lighter colors that don’t stand out too much or break up the room’s design into sections. Keeping the flooring consistent throughout the house can also help create a sense of flow.

Make The Most Out of Every Room

You don’t need to have an open floor plan for your small space to look expansive. You just need to use what you already have correctly. Maximize the space under furniture by using drawers, cabinets, or shelves. It will give the appearance of a larger, more organized area without taking up too much room.

On the same note, have a functional storage strategy. Enough storage space is one of the essential features of a small home. If you store things properly, your rooms will be more organized and cleaner, making the area look bigger and spacious.

Get creative with storage space by designing vertical storage units that use the available space more efficiently. Staircase storage is also a great idea for storing smaller objects or books.

Take Advantage of Contrasts and Light Colors

By using lighter colors and contrasts, you can make a small space look bigger than it is. Light-colored furniture will stand out less in the room, making your house feel more spacious even though there is still not much floor space. 

Darker colors also create an illusion of depth. If you use dark accents on chairs or end tables, they won’t break up the room as much. Paint the walls lighter tones such as sage green, light gray, off white and dusty blue. 

Use Mirrors to Make a Room Look Larger

Mirrors are your best friend when you want to make an area look bigger and more inviting. Place them on less exposed walls and make sure they reflect light to the rest of the room. Mirrors on the floor, glass tabletops, and mirrored doors are just some of the options you have. You’ll also brighten up the space as the light reflects. 


Clutter can make a room feel smaller. To avoid this, keep your house as clean as possible. Keep surfaces clear, and don’t use too many small objects that will only make the space look messy. Have enough storage units and only keep what you need. You’ll also have to be disciplined with your purchases and only buy something if you intend to make a replacement. 

On the same note, room organization matters. How you arrange the furniture and other possessions will make it look cluttered or spacious. Place larger furniture pieces against the wall and scale according to space size. Additionally, have a single focal point for each room. The focal point draws attention and makes the room look bigger. It can be a fixture or a particular area of a room. 

Avoid Using Small Patterns

Small patterns will make a space feel smaller because it divides the area into sections that appear cluttered when they are too close together. Large-patterned items can also have a similar effect; therefore, keep your patterns simple and only in one area of the room. This will break up the space without making it look too busy or cluttered. 

With these tips, you can transform any tiny home into an open, big living area. Your home will not only look spacious but will be an excellent place to live in. As you make the changes, remember to declutter and pay enough attention to the curb appeal. 

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