How to help prevent pests from entering your home

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Wildlife is great to go and explore- especially if you’re lucky enough to live close by to a nice park, but it’s no fun to deal with at home.

There are many ways in which pests can cause harm to our families, and the homes we work so hard to maintain. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help eliminate the risk of pests entering your home.

  1. Keep Garbage Cans Secure

The stuff we throw away every day can become a feeding frenzy for allsorts of wildlife. It is effectively free food that they can go and take without having to hunt too hard for.

Be sure that boxes and bags are close securely when you take out your garbage, so that they do not attract unwanted attention. That’s Eve it is impossible to store Garbage bags inside until trash day. Secure your outside garbage cans with rocks or locks so that nothing can get inside.

  1. Stop feeding wildlife 

Chipmunks, raccoons, and stray cats may look cute and tempting to want to look after, but the worst thing you could possibly do is to feed them! This not only teaches them that they don’t have to be cautious around humans, but it will also teach them to rely on humans as a food source rather than to go out and hunt for themselves. If you have animals that eat outside make sure you supervise their feeding times, and discard any food once they’re done so you are not attracting the attention of wildlife.

  1. Protect your vegetable garden and pond

Raccoons enjoy eating fresh fish and crawdads, so if your pond is open like a free buffet for them then that is bad news for your stock. You should consider measures to ensure that it is protected such as nets covering the water that still allow the fish to breathe properly.

At the same time, for our vegetarian friends- any unprotected plots of land growing fruit and vegetables is extremely tempting for wildlife. Instead, build shelters that disguise them and install raised beds so that your green fingered efforts do not go to waste.

  1. Block off the entrances

Those tiny cracks under the door that you believe to keep you safe from outside creatures coming in just so happened to be the perfect size for some bugs and insects to come inside looking for shelter. Take the time to walk around your home looking for any holes, cracks and gaps that can be an entryway to critters. Your best option would be to get a professional around to do the job for you to fix holes and protect your home from potential damage.

If you find yourself inundated with unwanted attention from the wild, you may have to call pest control to help you out.

While a trip to a local zoo is fun and back hunting in the garden enjoyable, we should not be encouraging wildlife to share our homes with us. Using a few of the simple chips outlined above will minimize your risk of your space being invaded, so you can live happy, healthy, and safe.

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