cure Polygel nails without UV light

How to cure Polygel nails without UV light?

You can cure Polygel nails without UV light, but the alternative is using a LED light. So far, there is not enough proof that cold water or sun rays will do the job.

I know UV lights can be harsh on the skin and easily cause damage, but what if there was an alternative? LED light might just do the trick!

The good news is that those who do regular manicures are less likely to encounter any negative effects from its use than a standard ultraviolet beam.

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Since they only emit heat rather than radiation like their counterparts, this type is safe even while curing colors such as pink or red without changing them completely white.

Therefore, a LED light is a cheaper, healthier, and better alternative to UV lights.

Some people think that you can cure your nails with cold water or sun rays, but this method will probably not work great; therefore, we don’t recommend it. 1636220105
How to cure Polygel nails without UV light?

Why is my Polygel not curing?

Your Polygel is not curing because of the reasons below:

1. The Polygel is not curing because it’s too cold

2. The Polygel is not curing because it’s too humid

3. The Polygel is not curing because it has been in the sun for too long

4. The Polygel may be old and needs to be replaced, or there might have been a manufacturing error that can be fixed by contacting customer service

Pro tip: The first thing you should do when a Polygel is not curing is to make sure there’s enough light.

 There are many other reasons why your polyurethane may not cure – some of which you can fix yourself while others require professional help.

If you want to apply Polygel properly, follow these steps below:

1. Clean the surface of your nails with a non-acetone nail polish remover

2. Apply a thin layer of Polygel on top and wait for it to dry

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have applied at least three layers

4. Apply one more thick coat of Polygel, wait for it to dry, and then apply an additional coat on top 

5. Add a clear coat (optional) to protect the color from chipping or fading over time

6. File down any rough edges that may be sticking out around your nails before applying nail polish on top 1636220082
How to cure Polygel nails without UV light?

Can you dry gel nail polish in the sun?

No, you cant dry gel polish in the sun because it doesn’t air dry.

Gel polish is a great way to get long-lasting nails because it takes 30 seconds for one layer of gel paint under the LED light and 2 minutes with UV lamps.

There is a difference between LED and UV lamps, so don’t forget to check that out before buying them.

Regular nail polish will dry in the sun or use the cold water method or hair-dryer method.

There are numerous other ways to speed up the drying process for regular nail polishes, but that does not apply to gel polishes.

Therefore, regular nail polish will do the trick if you want something that will dry in the sun.

Do Polygel nails break easily?

Polygel nails are usually very durable, and they don’t break easily. They are one of the strongest nail techniques, but they are flexible. 

Therefore, if you want durability, Polygel should be your choice.

If your nails do break, follow these easy steps below to fix that:

1. Place a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover on the broken fingernail for 10 minutes

2. Apply a clear coat to the rest of your nails 

3. File off any excess pieces of the nail that are hanging off with an emery board 

4. Put a thin layer of Polygel over the top and finish with another coat of clear polyurethane sealer or acrylic paint

5. Repeat until all nails are repaired, then apply cuticle oil to keep them hydrated and looking good!

6. Be careful when removing old polish – it’s best to use acetone-based remover instead of water-soluble remover because it doesn’t dry out your nails as much, which can lead to breakage 1636220095
How to cure Polygel nails without UV light?

Can normal nail polish dry under LED light?

UV lamps don’t affect drying out the clear or colored liquid bottle, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. 

The heat from your unit’s bulb will help speed up this process, and some models also come with fans to circulate air through them instead!

However, you should avoid using LED lights when you have other better options for your nails.

It is better to let your nails air dry or speed up the process by dipping them in cold water or using hairspray. There are many other options as well, so check them out and find what works best for you. 1636220115
How to cure Polygel nails without UV light?

Conclusion- How to cure Polygel nails without UV light?

The only alternative that will do the same job as UV light is LED lights.

 If you’ve ever had one of those moments where your nails just won’t dry or have chipped the next day before your special event, this article is for you. 

We can show you how to cure Polygel nails without a UV light so that you don’t have to worry about damaging skin and risking cancer down the line. All it takes is some LED lights! 

These are often found in beauty salons already. So far, there isn’t enough proof that cold water or sun rays will do the job right – but we’re not giving up on them yet either! 

This article should help get rid of any frustrations with unattainable manicure goals, and you will cure your nails faster.

You can use UV lamps to dry your nail polish, but they aren’t the best option. They don’t affect drying out clear or colored liquid bottles, and we recommend using them when you have no other options for drying your nails!

 Letting your nails air dry or speeding it up by using a LED lamp is the easiest and quickest ways for your nails.

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