How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Gua Sha Body Massage

How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Gua Sha Body Massage

One of the most common applications of Gua Sha is to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Here’s how you can do it!

How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Gua Sha Body Massage
How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Gua Sha Body Massage

Gua Sha is now gaining significant attention, and many influencers are trying it out.

One of the tenets of Ancient Chinese medicine is that health issues in the body start on an energy layer. Physical or mental discomfort can impair a person’s energy flow, causing immobility throughout the body. They also possessed a great, yet surprisingly basic, method to help them deal with it: Gua Sha massage.

Lets’ get to know about Gua Sha therapy at first.

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Know-How About Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a natural exfoliation method that uses a massage instrument to increase blood flow and cleanse the body. East Asia is the birthplace of this traditional therapeutic method. It has a wide range of applications, including health and chronic pain relief, as well as skin health.

Gua Sha

According to accounts, the treatment’s primary objective is to repair Qi, or stuck energy. While it does include massage, it is not the same as traditional massaging procedures. It’s primarily designed for exerting moderate to light massage using a therapy tool and scrubbing the skin’s surface.

The Gua Sha is excellent for improving blood oxygenation and tissue regeneration. Overall, it aids active components in skincare products to permeate deeper into the skin and have a longer-lasting impact.

Quick Info About Cellulite

Connective tissue bands pull the skin overlaying particular regions of fat descend to the underlying tissues, causing cellulite. As a result, the surface becomes uneven.

Cellulite may be present on the following areas: hips, thighs, and calves, abdomen, and buttock.

Due to differences in fat, muscles, and connective tissue arrangement, cellulite impacts women more than males. It is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of the population is affected.

The accumulation of fat beneath the skin causes cellulite. Your genes, body fat levels, and aging may all influence the amount of cellulite you have and how apparent it is. Cellulite occurrence is also influenced by the thickness of your skin. Cellulite may affect people of all shapes and sizes.

Cellulite can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • hormonal activity
  • a bad diet
  • a harmful way of life
  • genetics
  • gaining weight
  • inaction etc.

What Can Gua Sha Do for Cellulite?

Most massages break down fat buildup and reduce cellulite by working their way into the skin. Gua Sha, on the other hand, is unique. This traditional therapy works by increasing blood flow throughout the body. You may use the Gua Sha instrument to apply moderate pressure to any region of the skin and scrape it with the tool. Scrub it carefully until a small amount of redness appears.

The body naturally diffuses pollutants and helps the immune system stay on track with the help of adequate blood flow. The easier it is for the system to flush out pollutants, the better the blood flow.

As a consequence, the skin will tighten up and all of the accumulated fluid will be expelled from the body. The nutrients in the food you eat can replenish the extra fluid and fats.

Thus, this treatment works well as Gua Sha helps in tightening the skin and connective tissue.

How to Do Gua Sha for Cellulite?

  1. Prepare your skin for each massage treatment by gently washing it and adding cream to the region you wish to emphasize on. You can give the strokes without using any creams, although lubricating the entire region is recommended to minimize abrasions.
  2. Lymphatic drainage impurities are really moved out of the tissue when conducting large sweeps on the cellulite-affected region. As a result, sweep your massage instrument hard against your skin until a crimson flush of circulation appears.
  3. The pressure applied on cellulite-affected regions is also reported to be beneficial. You promote blood circulation by caressing your troublesome regions with the massage instrument. At about the same time, any instable fluid in the region is drained out.
  4. From your belly button to your rib cage, gently slide the instrument around your upper abdomen. To improve blood flow, eliminate cellulite marks, and deteriorate fat, resume the movements in each region for at least 1 minute.
  5. After you’ve finished the massage, moisturize the region with more lubricant and attempt to relax for at least ten min. Check to see if this massage regimen is right for you.

[su_box title=”Post Gua Sha Massage Tip!” style=”glass” box_color=”#0a6e0a” radius=”7″]Other than drinking plenty of water after the treatment, there isn’t much more you need do. You will be draining out all the extra fluids from your body since the massage will eliminate the fluid retention. As a result, you should drink lots of water to keep your liver healthy. This will ensure that the system continues to run at full capacity even after a long period of time.[/su_box]


If you’re having trouble with bumpy skin all over your body, you might want to give Gua Sha a shot. While it isn’t a cure-all, it may assist with problem areas and make the skin seem beautiful and sleek. You’re in for a treat if you combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Its natural blood flow qualities help tighten and revitalize the skin.

Overall, it has the ability to decrease the appearance of cellulite marks all over the body. As a result, it’s absolutely worth a chance.

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