Top 7 Secret Tips to Take Care of your Skin in Winter

A Beautician Top 7 Secret Tips to Take Care of your Skin in Winter

Hey pals! The advent of cold weather brings lots of pros and cons for your skin. To appreciate the charm of snow flakes, it is essential to fight against and stand out in the cold.

Winter Skin Care Tips

The havocs of cold weather surpass the benefits that it brings. The cold air sucks the natural moisture off your skin, leaving it super dry and irritated.

Although there is no escape from the harsh effects of cold weather, yet, raw skin conditions can be tackled if proper measures are taken beforehand.

Before rushing towards lots of lotions and potions, configure out your skin care routine. Pay heed to your natural skin maintenance because it is all that works wonders!

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An easy-to-maintain mix of home remedies, natural products and hydrating tips will leave a healthy sparkle on your skin, enabling it to pass through the whole winter with a perfect glow.

Lets’ dive into the list of secret tips to take care of your skin in winter.

Top 7 Secret Tips to Take Care of your Skin in Winter
A Beautician Top 7 Secret Tips to Take Care of your Skin in Winter

Tip # 01: Always Go for Lukewarm Water

What is the most amazing thing about winters? Yay! Taking hot showers.

But if you want to be gentle on your skin, cast aside the hot shower and go for lukewarm water. the reason behind this tip is that hot showers leave your skin super dry, which needs moisturization immediately, otherwise skin ends up in winter eczema.

Lukewarm water won’t cause much distortion in your skin moisture level. Get your hands on a moisturizer (I would recommend a Korean Moisturizer owing to its amazing properties) that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. It would lock up ample moisture in your skin and would leave no trace of dryness.

Tip # 02: Choose Fragrance-Free Cleansers

Many top-branded cleansers are jampacked with harsh chemicals which can do much harm than good to your skin.

Cleansers that contain alcohol and synthetic fragrances are super damaging as they strip away skin’s natural oils, thus worsening dry, itchy skin.

Make sure you get our hands on a fragrance-free, moisturizing cleanser that does the dual function of taking off the day’s dirt off and retaining moisture barrier intact. Another amazing tip is to limit your soap lathering on body.

Tip # 03: Don’t Forget to Maintain your Water Intake

Cold weathers instill a “FORGETFUL SPELL” on our minds as we often forget to drink sufficient water throughout the day. This is what leads our skin to dryness.

Keep a reminder in your mobile notes to take 8 glasses of water (almost 2 liters) daily. At the end of the day, you have to check whether you have achieved your goal or not.

This practice will turn into a habit of taking sufficient amount of water daily. If you want to add some winter teas into the regime, go for ginger or green tea. They will keep you super hydrated.

But don’t consume them excessively because excess of everything is bad.

Tip # 04: Exfoliate your Skin But not too Much

Exfoliation works wonders for your skin as it helps in removing dead skin cells. During winters, exfoliating once a week is enough because it will boost skin regeneration and also maintain the moisture barrier.

Choose exfoliating scrubs wisely and make sure you rub them gently against your skin. Adequate session of exfoliation every week is surely a win-win situation!

Tip # 05: Change out the Wet Clothes Immediately

Cold breeze and snow of winters make your skin dry and clothes slightly wet. Wearing wet clothes don’t do any good to your body rather they offer bundles of irritation to your skin.

To avoid itchiness due to wet clothes, change them out immediately.

Yes! walking and playing in the snow is well in good but always pay heed to remove your wet pants, shirt, gloves and socks as quickly as possible.

Tip # 06: Never Ever Ditch your Sunscreen

No matter if there is bright winter day outside, you should not step out without wearing your sunscreen.

The reason is that snow has the capacity of reflecting sun’s rays which increases your risk of exposure to harmful UV rays. These rays can penetrate through the clouds and cause many skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots etc.

So, make sure you wear a fine moisturizer and a sunscreen having at least SPF 15. You can also choose the one having high SPF if you are much exposed to sun rays.

Tip # 07: Care for your Hands and Feet

The skin of your hands and feet contains less oil glands as compared to other body parts. There is greater chance of moisture escaping out of these areas more quickly, leading them to dryness, itchiness and cracks.

Moisturizer, petroleum jelly or glycerin-based creams come to your rescue. They help in locking up moisture in your hands and feet, making them super soft and smooth.

Besides this, exfoliating your hands and feet is also a good practice so that it can absorb greater quantity of moisturizer easily.

Wrap Up!

Taking care of your skin during winters become a somewhat taxing task. But with proper practices, it is not hard to achieve.

Dry skin comes up with a package of issues, that’s why your skin needs your help to keep it healthy, smooth and glowing during winters. All you need is to configure out a winter skin care regime and follow it up!

Stay happy, healthy and glowing!

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