donate hair with split ends

Can you donate hair with split ends?

Yes, you can donate hair with split ends; that will not affect your donation.However, many organizations recommend that the hair you donate is healthy and without split ends so that they can use it easily.

You can even fix your split ends by cutting them off once you have prepared them for donation. It is better to cut it on time by a hairdresser, but this can work as well.

You should make sure your hair is not damaged in the sense that it is burnt, extremely dry, or dirty. You need to prepare your hair properly before you donate it.

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If you want to avoid split ends and grow hair faster in order to donate it, you should find a beauty routine that helps you achieve this goal. This hair routine should include a leave-in conditioner and cooking oils.

If you want to know more about preparing your hair for donation, keep reading this blog post. 1642523153
Can you donate hair with split ends?

Can you donate hair if you have layers?

You can donate your hair if you have layers if the longest layer is about 10 inches. You shouldn’t donate your hair if you have less than 6 inches.

The length of your hair is important because they can’t use short hair to make wigs or process it.

You should always measure your hair before donating it so that they don’t reject it.

Length is one of the standards for donating your hair, so don’t forget to check with the organization if you meet all of their standards. 

Keep in mind that different organizations have different rules, and some may not accept your hair.

If your organization does not accept layered hair, you can wait until it’s even or donate it to another organization.

Can you donate curly hair?

Yes, you can donate curly hair, but they will probably ask you to strengthen it before sending it.

You can use a flat iron or a hairdryer for this purpose, but a flat iron will save you some time.

Why do they ask you to strengthen it?

They will ask you to strengthen it so that they can measure it probably. If your hair is curly, you can’t properly measure it.

They will measure both the length and the weight of your hair. The best length is above 12 inches, making a perfect donation.

Sometimes some organizations accept curly hair if they specialize in making curly wigs. You should check that with them before you cut and prepare your hair.

The texture does not make a difference for some smaller organizations. That means you can check with other organizations if one didn’t accept your hair. 1642523145
Can you donate hair with split ends?

What disqualifies hair donation?

Some organizations may disqualify your donation if your hair is:

  • Dirty or has too many styling products
  • Short; under 6 inches
  • Very damaged
  • Curly or wavy texture ( some organizations)
  • Wet
  • covered in highlights
  • dyed
  • grey

Many people wonder if there is a top-line when it comes to the length of your hair. Actually, no; the longer, the better. If you have extremely long and healthy hair, then they can use it for multiple wigs.

Usually, the standards mentioned above are what you should follow if you wish to donate hair. You should call the organization before you cut and send your hair to be sure you will meet all the requirements.

They may accept grey hair sometimes, but usually, colored hair is preferred. You shouldn’t dye your hair for a year if you wish to donate it.

Gender and age are usually not considered a factor for denying your donation. 

Men who have long hair can donate as well; most of the time, their hair is even healthier and easier to process because they don’t use many products.

This goes for children as well; they are an ideal candidate for donating hair. 1642523165
Can you donate hair with split ends?

How to prepare your hair for donation?

If you want to properly prepare your hair for donation, read the list that may disqualify your hair. This is very important because your donation may end up in the trash, and that would be awful.

If you meet all the standards and you have checked with the organization, you can then prepare your hair by following these steps:

  1. Cut your hair ( it should be at least 6 inches long) and wash it
  2. Strengthen it with a flat iron or some other heating device; your hair must be dry before shipping
  3. Braid it or make a ponytail
  4. Secure it and put it in a plastic bag
  5. Please ship it to the organization

By donating your hair, you are making someone else happy. Just make sure you follow all of the steps above so that the organization can actually use your hair.

If you don’t have hair to donate, don’t worry, you can help out by donating money directly to the organization. 1642523178
Can you donate hair with split ends?

Conclusion: Can you donate hair with split ends?

Yes, you can donate hair with split ends, but many organizations encourage donating healthy hair without any damage.

They say this because it will be easier to use it, but don’t let that discourage you if you have split ends. If they insist you can cut them on your own, just don’t overdo it so that you don’t go below the length limit.

There are more important qualifications that you should check out like:

  • You can’t donate dyed hair or hair with highlights
  • You can’t donate extremely damaged or dirty hair
  • You can’t donate hair shorter than 6 inches.
  • You can’t donate grey hair ( usually)

They can even deny your donation if you have sent wet hair because of the mold that can occur in the transit. Therefore, make sure you have packed your hair properly.

Don’t forget to contact the organization before you send your hair so that you know if they have some special requirements.

We hope this blog post gives you the information you need about hair donations. Have you ever donated hair? Leave a list of your favorite organizations down below.

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