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5 Habits That Make You Perpetually Exhausted

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep we get; we constantly feel tired and lethargic. While you may assume that you are feeling perpetually exhausted because of the hectic nature of daily life, you may unknowingly be engaging in habits that are leaving you feeling even more tired.

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5 Habits That Make You Perpetually Exhausted

So, we have put together some of the five habits you might be doing every day that could be leaving you feeling as if you never get enough rest. You may be surprised at the huge impact a few small changes can make to how alert you feel daily.  

Drinking Too Much Coffee

If you spend each day feeling tired and lethargic then you might find yourself reaching for caffeine throughout the day. However, while you may feel like you can’t get through your tasks and duties without a coffee fix, it could be responsible for your constant exhaustion.

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5 Habits That Make You Perpetually Exhausted

While coffee is great for giving us a much-need energy boost, by drinking it too often or too late in the evening, it could be keeping you up at night. Therefore, we recommend that you limit your caffeine intake to two cups a day, and don’t drink coffee after 5 pm if you want to enjoy a good night’s rest. 


Snoring is a very common sleep problem, and as well as it being very frustrating for anyone that you share a bedroom with, it can also be causing you to wake up feeling tired each morning. 

You are much more likely to snore if you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, and are overweight. However, people who suffer from snoring are much more likely to struggle to stay asleep at night. Not to mention keep those around them awake as well. 

So, we recommend that you use snoring aids, such as mouth strips, which are an easy way to reduce open-mouth snoring

Napping in the Daytime 

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5 Habits That Make You Perpetually Exhausted

If you spend all day feeling tired, then it can be very tempting to come home from work and go straight for a nap. But it is important that you resist the urge for sleep as it can make getting to sleep at night even more difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you force yourself to stay awake until about 8 hours before you are due to be up in the morning. This should help to retrain your body clock. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

We are constantly told how important it is to drink enough water and keep our bodies hydrated. However, it can also have a huge impact on how tired we are feeling. This is because dehydration, even a 2 percent fluid loss in your body, can have a huge effect on your energy levels. When our bodies are dehydrated it causes a reduction in blood volume which causes your blood to thicken. This can have a direct impact on how well your blood pumps around your body, which is not only life-threatening but can affect how relaxed and able to sleep you feel. 

Going to Bed Hungry 

If you come in from work so tired at the end of the day, then you may get out of the habit of making yourself a balanced meal to eat. However, if you go to bed hungry then the hunger pangs you feel can keep your brain mentally active throughout the night. 

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5 Habits That Make You Perpetually Exhausted

Even though a lack of sleep is one of the main reasons why we are left feeling tired throughout the day, there are other factors making you feel both physically and mentally exhausted that you should watch out for.

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