New Home Affirmations

120 New Home Affirmations To Attract Your Dream Home

Pick some of these New Home Affirmations and use them to manifest your new home.

You, however, have to put in the work to finally be in your dream home as you affirm it. The affirmations are just part of the process.

It is highly unlikely that you will land your dream home only by reciting affirmations. We use affirmations to reprogram our subconscious minds to believe that we deserve to live in the house we dream of. 

Getting or maintaining a good credit score, physically looking at houses, and getting yourself a real estate agent are very crucial parts of the process.

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Here are some pointers on effectively reciting New Home Affirmations

  1. Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. Before reciting the affirmations, you can meditate for 1-5 minutes.
  2. All affirmations should be said in the present tense.
  3. Make sure that your affirmations are realistic and attainable.
  4. Concentrate on the joy your new relationship will bring you.
  5. Repeat. Repetition is key in reciting these affirmations. Some people recite them for weeks or until they get results.

Positive New Home Affirmations

home 2
120 New Home Affirmations To Attract Your Dream Home
  1. I bless my home and it blesses me.
  2. I can see myself in my new home.
  3. A new home is coming my way, I deserve it and I accept it.
  4. My new home is getting ready for me now.
  5. I’m now free forever from having to pay rent.
  6. I get so positive when I think of my dream home.
  7. My dream house has everything I ever want.
  8. I am getting closer to living in my dream house.
  9. Moving into my new house is going smoothly.
  10. I am optimistic about my new home.
  11. I have a real estate agent that I trust.
  12. Every day I move closer to my ideal home.
  13. I am absolutely in love with my new home.
  14. My house and I are creating a new close bond.
  15. Searching for my new home is filled with fun and adventure.
  16. My mind is fully focused on owning a new home.
  17. I am so excited to move into my new home.
  18. I am living in my dream home.
  19. I choose to have fun during my house hunting process.
  20. My dream home is ready for me to find it now.

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Powerful New Home Affirmations

home 3
120 New Home Affirmations To Attract Your Dream Home
  1. My dream home is waiting for me to find it.
  2. My new home reflects me.
  3. I am happy and grateful to move into my new home.
  4. I am grateful to live in my dream home.
  5. I live in a home that makes me feel good.
  6. Searching for my new home is easy and effortless.
  7. My power to manifest a new home is growing stronger each day.
  8. I trust the universe is guiding me towards owning my dream home.
  9. I am visualizing what it will be like to own my dream house.
  10. I am surrounded by love in my new home.
  11. I can picture myself in my dream home.
  12. I am working hard to build my dream home.
  13. I will do anything possible to get a new house.
  14. I am worthy of receiving my perfect home.
  15. I will do anything possible to get a new home.
  16. I believe in my ability to attract a new home.
  17. I am using the law of attraction to manifest my dream home.
  18. I am happy and grateful to move into my new home.
  19. I am in love with my new home.
  20. I deserve to live in a home that I love.

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Peaceful New Home Affirmations

home 4
120 New Home Affirmations To Attract Your Dream Home
  1. I live in an orderly and peaceful home.
  2. I am happy, healthy, and in harmony in my new home.
  3. I have created a happy place to live in.
  4. My new home will be a happy and healthy place for me.
  5. Seeing my home makes me feel so happy.
  6. I am totally at peace in my new neighborhood.
  7. Happiness, health, love, and joy are what I bring to my new home.
  8. I feel safe and protected in my new home.
  9. I have a sanctuary in my home just for me.
  10. I deserve a home I am happy and at peace in.
  11. I respect my home and the energies it contains.
  12. I am completely at ease in my new home.
  13. I deserve a home in which I am happy and at peace.
  14. My new home is a place of beauty, peace, and love.
  15. Every square inch of my home makes me feel at ease.
  16. My home is peaceful and harmonious.
  17. My home is a sanctuary of joy and peace.
  18. My home is peaceful and inspiring.
  19. My inner home and my outer home are places of beauty and peace.
  20. I am living happily and peacefully in my dream house.

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Affirmations For A Good New Neighborhood

home 5
120 New Home Affirmations To Attract Your Dream Home
  1. I am now attracting a home in a safe and secure neighborhood.
  2. I have a caring and protective relationship with my neighbors.
  3. I feel totally in harmony with my neighborhood and my new neighbors.
  4. I feel safe in my home and my neighborhood.
  5. My neighbors and I respect each other’s personal space.
  6. I love my new neighborhood.
  7. I have the kindest and most helpful neighbors.
  8. I am living in an environment that supports my goals in every way.
  9. I am grateful for the neighborhood I live in.
  10. I am very content and comfortable with my surrounding.
  11. I am attracting a home in a safe and secure neighborhood.
  12. I love my new home and neighborhood.
  13. I live in a beautiful, safe, and friendly neighborhood.
  14. My neighborhood is safe and secure.
  15. People in my neighborhood mind their own business.
  16. My new environment s filled with trees, flowers, and fresh air.
  17. My neighbors are respectful.
  18. I am happy and content with my new neighbor.
  19. I attract friendly and social neighbors.
  20. My neighbors and I are friends.

Affirmations For A Clean New Home

home 6
120 New Home Affirmations To Attract Your Dream Home
  1. I clean my home so that my mind can be clear and inspired.
  2. Thank you universe for my new clean space.
  3. My home is neat and orderly.
  4. My life and home are organized and clean.
  5. I am living in a clean, spacious, and luxurious home.
  6. I take care of my home with great respect and love.
  7. A clean home attracts more positivity to me.
  8. I create a clean and comfy home is myself.
  9. I spend time each day cleaning my home.
  10. I am finding myself more organized each day.
  11. I clean my home so that my mind can be clear and inspired.
  12. I am allowing myself to find it easy to clean my home.
  13. I enjoy keeping my home clean and orderly.
  14. I know where everything in my house is because it is always neat and clutter-free.
  15. I de-clutter my home on a weekly basis.
  16. I am at peace with cleaning and organizing my new home.
  17. I keep my home clean and tidy.
  18. I enjoy a clean home.
  19. I organize my surroundings so my mind can be more focused.
  20. I am proud and happy when my home is clean and tidy.

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New Home Affirmations For A Beautiful Home

home 7
new home affirmations
  1. My house is decorated perfectly.
  2. I live in a beautiful home.
  3. I am thrilled that my new home is the ideal home for me.
  4. It feels so good to be in a beautiful home.
  5. My new home is beautiful.
  6. I adorn my home with fresh flowers.
  7. I deserve a beautiful home where I feel happy.
  8. I deserve a beautiful home.
  9. A beautiful home is in my future.
  10. I fill my home with the uplifting scents of beautiful flowers.
  11. The color scheme in my home calms me down.
  12. The walls of my new home are beautiful and soft to the chat.
  13. My home has every luxury
  14. My home expresses the beauty within myself.
  15. My home is decorated with objects that bring me joy.
  16. My home is spacious, modern, and heavenly.
  17. The floors of my house are beautiful, clean and cool.
  18. My home is the perfect beauty and function.
  19. I take care of all home improvements positively.
  20. I am worthy and deserving of owning and living in a beautiful home that is safe and full of happiness.


I hope you found this post helpful. Remember to pick the affirmations that make the most sense to you and use them to tailor-make your own affirmations for that specific home, house, or apartment that you want.

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