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120 Great Relationship Affirmations To Attract New Love

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120 Great Relationship Affirmations To Attract New Love

Relationship affirmations are necessary for convincing our subconscious that we are worthy and deserve the love that we desire.

There comes a time in a person’s life when they are convinced that they should be in a relationship. However, you lack leads on where to find the right person.

I believe we live in a time when finding love and maintaining a relationship are some of the most challenging tasks.

Traditional gender roles are being called into question in a world where we strive for gender equality. We don’t know what role to play in a relationship most of the time.

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Kindly note that reciting these relationships is part of the work you need to find new love. Don’t forget to put yourself out there. Affirmations only cannot work.

Here are some pointers on how to effectively recite Affirmations to attract a new relationship.

  1. Make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. Before reciting the affirmations, you can meditate for 1-5 minutes.
  2. Affirmations should be said in the present tense.
  3. Make certain that your affirmations are realistic and attainable.
  4. Concentrate on the joy your new relationship will bring you.
  5. Repeat. Repitation is key in reciting these affirmations. Some people recite them for weeks or until they get results.
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120 Great Relationship Affirmations To Attract New Love

‘I Am’ Affirmations For Attracting A New Relationship

  1. I am making room for an amazing person in my life.
  2. I am grateful for the love in my life.
  3. I am grateful for all the lessons I learned in my previous relationships.
  4. I am happy and content for all the love I get.
  5. I am in a respectful relationship.
  6. I am loved more than I have ever thought.
  7. I am open to love and to be loved.
  8. I am happily in love.
  9. I am ready to give and to receive love.
  10. I am attracting a relationship based on trust and honesty.
  11. I am fully confident that my partner and I trust each other.
  12. I am in a supportive relationship with my partner.
  13. I am loved and cherished in my new relationship.
  14. I am in a loving and lasting relationship.
  15. I am attractive to my partner.
  16. I am allowing myself to give and to receive love.
  17. I am accepting new love into my life now.
  18. I am lovable.
  19. I am enough.
  20. I am being loved deeply in my relationship.

Relationships Affirmations To Attract Your Soulmate.

  1. I am calling my soulmate now.
  2. My soulmate is everything I ever wanted and so much more.
  3. My soulmate is loyal to me.
  4. I am attracting my soulmate at this very moment.
  5. Deep soulmate love is my divine birthright, I call it to me now.
  6. I am worthy of deep soulful soulmate love.
  7. I trust the universe will lead me to my perfect soulmate.
  8. My soulmate brings me peace to my mind.
  9. My soulmate is attracted to me.
  10. My soulmate and I are fully compatible and perfectly alligned sexually.
  11. My soulmate comes to me effortlessly.
  12. My soulmate and I are connected on a spiritual level.
  13. My heartt is open to receiving and giving soulmate love.
  14. I am attracting my soulmate more each day.
  15. I will know my soulmate as soon as I meer them.
  16. My soulmate has a healthy perspective on life.
  17. My soulmate loves me more than anything.
  18. My partner is loving, kind and generous.
  19. My soulmate loves me unconditionally.
  20. I met my soulmate effortlessly and naturally.
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120 Great Relationship Affirmations To Attract New Love

Positive Affirmations For A New Relationship

  1. My partner loves and appreciates me.
  2. My partner shows me deep and passionate love.
  3. I deserve love and affection.
  4. I deserve love and I get it in abudance.
  5. I deserve love and affection
  6. I deserve to be happy.
  7. It is safe for me to be loved.
  8. I am worthy of loving relationships with others.
  9. I have attracted the most beautiful person into my life.
  10. I am loving others just as they love me.
  11. I am worthy of a happy and loving relationship from my soulmate.
  12. The love I give reflects back to me.
  13. I am a magnet for love and loving relationships.
  14. The more I love myself, the more love shows up in my life.
  15. Thank you universive for blessing me with a perfect relationship.
  16. My life partner is successful and abudant.
  17. I am in a true relationship with myself and others.
  18. My partner and I live ih harmony.
  19. I am in a loving wholesome relationship with my soulmate.
  20. Our relationship is magical and filled with joy.

Affirmations for a Healthy Relationship

  1. Healthy relationships flow freely and abundantly to me.
  2. I attract healthy people and relationships.
  3. I am in a committed, fun and healthy relationship.
  4. Building a healthy relationship is worthy of any and all efforts.
  5. I am safe in all my relationships.
  6. I always take into consideration my partner’s needs and wants.
  7. My partner and I are constantly working to keep our love alive.
  8. My partner and I respect each other.
  9. Healthy and respectful boundaries are important in a relationship.
  10. My partner and I listen to each other’s feelings.
  11. My partner and I go out of our way to support each other.
  12. I got my partner’s back and they got mine.
  13. My partner is my safe space.
  14. I am my authentic self in my new relationship.
  15. My partner is my biggest cheerleader.
  16. I feel respected and heard in my new relationship.
  17. I feel comfortable expressing my feelings and wants to my partner.
  18. I take my partners fellings and needs seriously.
  19. My partner and I work through challenges easily together.
  20. My partner and I find new ways to express our love to each other.
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120 Great Relationship Affirmations To Attract New Love

Affirmations To Attract A specific person

  1. My desired partner (Insert their name) feel the need to please me.
  2. I am a magnet to my desired loved.
  3. I am attracting my dream future.
  4. I am confident that the one I desire is growing in love for me.
  5. My desired lover is always thinking about me.
  6. I am attracting a spefic person in my life.
  7. I have attracted the lover of my dreams.
  8. My crush send me loving messages all day long.
  9. I am falling deeper in love with my lover and they are falling deeper in love with me.
  10. I am always on the mind of my desired partner.
  11. My partner is moving mountains to be with me.
  12. I attract people who value me as much as I value myslef.
  13. My desire partner is always reaching out to me.
  14. My partner ticks all of my boxes.
  15. I am completely fulfilled in my relationship.
  16. Everytime we are together, it is magical.
  17. Thank you universe for bringing my specific person to me.
  18. I am experiencing the greatest love of my life.
  19. There is nowhere else my desired lover would rather be.
  20. My desired partner thinks am sexy and beautiful.

New Relationship Affirmations that work

  1. I am perfect just as I am and I am worthy of love.
  2. The past dosen’t matter, my right lover is on their way.
  3. The universe is moving things around to bring my love to me.
  4. My heart is open and ready to love.
  5. I am attracting a lasting relationship.
  6. The love that I seek is also seeking me.
  7. I attract the genuine and understanding partner.
  8. Finding love is easy.
  9. I welcome love into my life.
  10. I am attracting a relationship with trust and mutual respect.
  11. I am unique, attractive and intelligence.
  12. I am a wonderful loving person.
  13. I happily give and receive love each day.
  14. I trust the universe will bring me a loyal, supportive and loving partner.
  15. Someone is looking for me.
  16. I only think positively about love.
  17. My partner and I are happily in love.
  18. I attract genuine love.
  19. I am relaxed and ready to receive love.
  20. I send love and I receive love.

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