Ways to Wear a Oversized Knit This Fall

Ways to Wear an Oversized Knit This Fall

Why We Love Oversized Knitwear

We can’t deny that the oversized knit look has been trending for a while, but it’s still going strong.

Oversized clothing is comfortable and it can be styled in different ways to achieve a desired look.

Here we discuss the benefits of oversized knit clothing as well as how to wear it.

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In order to understand the benefits of wearing an oversized jumper, it’s important to first know what makes them so appealing. They are comfortable as they don’t embrace as tightly around the waist and chest, which can reduce discomfort by up to 50% according to a study conducted by Harvard University. They are super practical for people who want a relaxed appearance or those who are a little body conscious and don’t want tight hugging clothing.

But how do you wear one without looking frumpy?

1. The Casual Jean Look

The oversized knit is perfect for cold weather to create that snug, comfy feeling. It’s hard to go wrong with the combo of an oversized knit and jeans in any pattern or colour you like.

The best thing about this trend is that it doesn’t matter if your sweater is cropped, patterned, plain… it will work out either way. If you are wearing a shorter sweater, try pairing it with high-waisted jeans so you get an overall feminine look. And if your sweater is longer, wear skinny jeans with them to take add a little shape to your outfit.

2. Oversized Knit tucked into a Midi Skirt

My personal favourite is tucking a knitted jumper into a midi skirt. It looks feminine, casual and stylish, while still being super comfortable and practical. You can pair this with a plimsole trainer, or an ankle boot.

3. Office Chic

Try wearing an oversized knit with a shirt underneath it, and pull the collar over it. This will add a pop of colour and texture to those work outfits of yours, while also keeping you cosy. If like me, you have experienced terrible office heating, this will help with that issue.

4. The Bold Statement

Looking for something a bit bolder? Try an oversized longer knit, with nothing on the bottom. Wear it as a dress! This is best paired with some taller boots to cover the legs slightly.

Oversized knits are everywhere this season, and for good reason. They’re cozy and can be worn so many ways. However you choose to wear them, make sure it’s a way you are comfortable and confident!

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