Paint with the dark side

Paint with the dark side

Dark, moody colors are fabulous for your walls – so go ahead and get them!

Painting with dark colors can also make a space feel more cozy and intimate. They are perfect for rooms with low ceilings because they will make the room feel lower than it really is. And because dark colors absorb light, they can help keep undesirable heat out in the summer by making your home darker – which makes it cooler.

When comparing colors on paint chips, even if they appear to be the same, they are not necessarily so. Paint chips will come in different tints and shades without any variation in color hue.

Depending on the base color, a khaki can be a pink or blue color. Gold can be any of the browns or greens. Rouge can be any of the reds with oranges or pinks. To see what true color hue you are getting, look at the darkest one on your strip.

A little color never hurt nobody

It’s super important to make sure you like the color before buying lighting. So, find your favorite color, and go one shade darker.

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It can be a bit scary to choose darker colors. It’s only natural, we are used to going with something lighter to start with. But the problem is ‘natural light’ and other stuff mean that it will wash out our first color choice! I promise you’ll be happier in the end if you go with the darker choice.

Always buy more than you need

After years of seeing paint mixing machines in hardware stores, you might think they were the same. Turns out: inventory can vary when it comes to paint cans! The colors seem almost identical most of the time. Perhaps one color seems ever so slightly different from the other, but they’re close enough that you may not notice a difference, but you will when they are up on your walls!

Quick Tips:

When it comes to painting with dark colors, a person can often find themselves confused. Consider the surface you are to paint and these three facts before choosing your mix of colors.

Tip 1: When painting a ceiling, if you’re not using white paint, paint it at least a shade lighter. There is also less intensity on the wall for the same reason- they will be reflecting light.

Tip 2: When choosing your floor color, always go a shade lighter. This will make it seem brighter than on the wall

Tip 3: When holding a paint chip next to another object, it may be not easy to see the actual color. If you don’t want to play tricks with paint tones, be sure to use your tester against a white canvas.

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