Tanning accelerator or Bronzer

Tanning accelerator or Bronzer- the difference

Should you choose a tanning accelerator or bronzer? Tanning accelerators increase the amount of melanin in your skin, giving you a darker complexion. Bronzers coat the skin with a brown tint.

A tanning accelerator will make your tan faster. Bronzers help you get more color immediately, but the results are temporary.

The difference between the two is that a tanning accelerator contains tyrosine. It is actually an amino acid that your body already produces naturally – but it does so at a much slower pace.

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Some people have had success with bronzers as well. Still, I highly recommend going with a high-quality indoor tanning lotion with a bronzer. I prefer this to a regular tanning accelerator for longer-lasting, deeper tanning.

Your choice of accelerator or bronzer will depend on your skin type, desired tan, and whether you will use it in a tanning bed or out in the sun. Keep reading if you want to find out more about bronzer and tan accelerator.

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Tanning accelerator or Bronzer- the difference

Do you put the tan accelerator on after or before sun cream?

You should use a tan accelerator before sun cream and after moisturizer. You can still use sun cream with it, though – we recommend a non-scented SPF 15 for best results.

When applying sunscreen, wait 15 minutes between applying your sun cream and applying your Tan Accelerator.

Most people find that their tan develops better with Tan Accelerator, and it’s safe to apply in combination with your regular sun cream.

We do not advise using bronzer during this process as this can leave streaks or create an uneven tan. Some people find that using a self-tanner or tanning accelerator on their face results in breakouts. Self-tanner and bronzer do not mix well with your makeup.

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Tanning accelerator or Bronzer- the difference

Does bronzer help you tan faster?

The short answer is no. Bronzer does not help you tan faster. Darker lotions can make it look like you are getting a quicker tan because it’s more obvious that you are tanning. But the actual tanning process is the same, whether you use bronzer or not.

Bronzer can help identify your best tanning spots and makes it easier to know where to turn so that you get even color. Bronzer can also give you an instant glow. Remember to mix with a balm to protect the lips and prevent drying or cracking.

Most of the time, bronzers are applied to areas where the sun would naturally hit your face, such as your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Always apply sunscreen before using bronzer. It’s important to use a high-quality bronzer in order for it to be effective and last all day long.

The bronzer has benefits, but it won’t speed up your tanning process.

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Tanning accelerator or Bronzer- the difference

What is the best tan accelerator?

Tan accelerators are essential for getting a good tan. The best tan accelerators contain tyrosine and other vital ingredients. Tyrosine helps your skin produce melanin, which gives you a rich tan.

The best tan accelerators will use natural forms of tyrosine, such as animal sources or amino acid derivatives. You want to avoid synthetic ingredients and bad oils like mineral oil or petroleum.

  • Our favorite is the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Spray.

Different types of liposomes are essential in the effectiveness of a tan accelerator. It would be best to look for a tan accelerator that works on all skin types.

Depending on your skin tone, you will need different amounts of UVA and UVB radiation to adjust the best products to your needs. Even the best products might not work if you aren’t using them right, so follow the directions carefully when using your tan accelerator.

What tanning oil makes you the darkest?

Tanning oils are one of the most popular products used by beach-goers to get a deep, dark tan. We recommend Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil. 

They work by speeding up your tan process, and they can also protect your skin while you are out in the sun. The best tanning oil will allow you to deepen your tan, whether you are in the sun or using a tanning bed at a salon.

Tanning with oil helps maintain moisture in your skin and makes your tan last longer. : The most important factor when choosing a tanning oil is its SPF rating.


Pro tip: While choosing a tanning oil, go for one that actually enhances your skin color instead of one that just darkens it.

Always buy good quality, branded tanning oils that have been tested and proven safe.

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Tanning accelerator or Bronzer- the difference

Conclusion- Tanning accelerator or Bronzer- the difference

Most consumers assume that tanning accelerator is the same thing as bronzers. However, there are essential differences between the two. 

One is only temporary, and the other has lasting results when applied and used correctly. It is also a safe alternative for tanning beds. Although some clients still choose to use them and would likely never use a tanning accelerator indoors or outdoors. 

An accelerator is a clear liquid used for speeding up your tan when you go outside or even when UV rays from the sun get onto your skin. Bronzer is not a spray but a liquid and powder mixture that you should never spray.

You can use bronzers alone or in combination with an accelerator. It will depend on whether you want to achieve a darker tan faster or the darkest tan possible. 

Either way, both products are safe to use at least once a day without any side effects (unless you have an allergy,) so pick whatever works best for you!

Whether you have been using bronzers or tanners every day, there is a lesson to be learned: they are not interchangeable.

We hope that this article gives you some information about tanning accelerators and bronzers. What do you use for tanning? Let us know in the comment section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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