Planting and growing hyacinth

Planting & Growing Hyacinth Flowers

Even flower gardeners seem to enjoy hyacinths in their gardens. The vibrant blue or white bloom of these dainty flowers seem to have no end in the radiance of the evening sun.

Hyacinths are pretty easy to grow, and they could be one of the first plants you add to your flower garden. You can also grow them in pots in your flower garden or on the patio.

If you choose to put them in the flower garden you will want to add hyacinth bulbs to the border by scattering them by hand. When planting a packet of bulbs in the garden, make sure to dig a hole that is deep and fairly wide but shallow enough that the plant will be able to sprout out. If you have them around the three-finger level, avoiding as much damage as possible is ideal. Once they have gone underground and you no longer see them, later in the following spring you may still find some of them poking out above the ground. This could serve as your spring plantings. You can be sure that they will make an appearance again next Spring!

Please be careful with the amount of water that you give the hyacinth bulbs. Hyacinths will need lots of water if you are planting them outside, but it’s also important not to overwater them. Allow them to dry out completely between watering, if the weather allows – wait for them to dry out and then water again. If they are kept too wet it will cause them to rot, as the bulbs are very sensitive to overwatering.

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Growing your own hyacinth bulbs is a very rewarding experience in and of itself. It can be a fun activity to share with children. Just like most spring bulbs, these can be grown outside inside or in large flower planters. Hyacinth bulbs require nothing more than six full sun hours, mostly in the winter and a little spring rain. While hyacinths are a plant much loved by birds, they also attract butterflies!

The hyacinth family is one of the most impressive groups of bulbs ever-known. They are easy to be cultivated as they don’t require too much care for the most part, planting them is very easy.

Planting Guide

The hyacinth plant is a warm-season bulb, so it is best to plan to get them started and plant them in the early spring. When planting the bulbs be sure to place them around three-fingers below the soil. This allows them to gain a healthy growth. When you plant hyacinths in the spring, you will need to place a little bit of mulch over them.

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