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No-Dye Easter egg Decorating Ideas Using Plastic Eggs Roundup

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As Easter is just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some amazing No-Dye Easter Egg Decorating Ideas.  While you can use plain white or brown hard-boiled eggs for some of these projects, most of these decorating ideas work best on plastic eggs, such as these that are suitable for decorating. If you are looking to naturally dye your eggs check out this post, How To Naturally Color Eggs **Free Printable**

These egg decorating ideas are perfect for adults, especially if you’re looking to use these eggs for decor, such as centerpieces or to display on a mantle or sideboard. However, these crafts might also work well for older kids. Plastic eggs are great because they are evergreen – plastic won’t spoil. You can repurpose them and use them for other projects. Here are ten decorating ideas that can be utilized on plastic eggs.

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No-Dye Easter egg Decorating Ideas

  • These confetti dotted eggs are easy and fun to create. With just a few supplies you can stamp the dots on with a pencil eraser. Yes, an eraser!
    Confetti Painter Easter Eggs by Landee See Landee Do
  • Grab some colorful seed beads, Mod Podge, and decorate these plastic eggs for a bit of Easter bling!
    Beaded Easter Eggs by Two Sisters Crafting
  • Pull out your hot glue gun, some twine and a little moss and give those plastic eggs a rustic and natural look.
    Moss Covered Easter Eggs by Love Grows Wild
  • This project might get a little messy, since you’re splattering paint, but the results are beautiful. Guaranteed to have each egg be one-of-a-kind!
    Paint Splattered Easter Eggs by Squirrelly Minds
  • Break out the Mod Podge and glitter for these sparkly eggs. Here, golden glittery is used but pastel glitter colors in pink, blue and green would look beautiful when applied to eggs.
    Glitter Easter Eggs by The Girl Inspired
  • These adorable eggs are easy to paint and would also make a great craft for kids to help with. Wouldn’t it be fun to paint a Neopolitan-flavored ice cream cone egg? Or maybe mint chocolate chip?
    Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs by Kara’s Party Ideas
  • With some markers, a little paper and a glue gun you can recreate these cute little gumball machine eggs.
    Gumball Machine Easter Eggs by A Joyful Riot
  • If you love to paint and love watercolors, decorate your eggs with some lovely flowers. These pansies are beautiful, but I think tulips would look equally gorgeous.
    Watercolor Eggs by Craft Berry Bush
  • These cute easter eggs replicate the sprinkles you would find on ice cream! An easy project to do. Uses acrylic paint in bright colors.
    DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs by Let’s Mingle Blog
  • Using Easter inspired stickers and a Sharpie, you can easily decorate the egg by placing groups of dots around the sticker to outline the form of the sticker item. Adorable idea.
    Sharpie Easter Eggs by Cutesy Crafts

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