How To Look Great At The Gym - 6 Tips For Working Out in Style

How To Look Like A Fitness Star

Hitting the gym every day is not an easy task. It’s often boring and downright exhausting to lose those few pounds and develop sexy muscles, but looking good while sweating it out on the treadmill might make the entire process a bit easier. Here’s a little style guide that will help you become a fitness star or at least look like one.

How To Look Like A Fitness Star - Looking Great At The Gym - 6 Tips For Working Out in Style

Start with your sports bra

This is the most important gym wear tip for girls. The right sports bra will not only make your workout much more comfortable but also serve as a base of your entire look. Your bra of choice should be comfortable yet firm and tight enough so you don’t have a wardrobe malfunction every time you lift your arms. A good grip is very important to reduce movement and prevent sagging. Your sports bra should feel and look like second skin. From there, you can start building your gym look.

Don’t neglect the importance of comfy underwear

Besides your sports bra, you also need good gym underwear, no matter if you’re a girl or a guy. Whatever you wear, from leggings to tracksuits and shorts, you don’t want to get your unmentionables in all sorts of private places. Underwear that’s too tight will not only leave you feeling constricted, but also leave those unflattering marks. So, keep things streamlined with a good pair of panties or boxers.

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How To Look Like A Fitness Star - Looking Great At The Gym - 6 Tips For Working Out in Style

Put on some layers

Layering is a great step towards a fashionable gym outfit. It will not only boost your style but also make you feel more comfortable while exercising (not everyone feels comfy in nothing but lycra). For instance, a loose tank top over your sports bra, combined with a zip-up jacket will give you that practical yet flattering look. There’s also another benefit of layering: you can easily shed or add a layer to prevent overheating and freezing while you exercise. Your safest bet is to check out specialized sportswear like the new Nike collection and take your pick. They sell everything gym-related and can get you looking amazing from head to toe, literally.

Pick up some good trainers

Good trainers can make or break your gym look and greatly affect your performance. You want trainers that are comfortable yet supportive and designed for your activity of choice. Luckily, there are models that fit all of the criteria while also looking amazing. If you prefer monochrome outfits, you can easily spice things up with bold trainers. If bright red or floral sneakers are too much for your minimalist aesthetics, you can opt for bold socks for a splash of color.

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Tame your hair

Keeping your hair up will not only make your workout easier but also prevent those pesky strands of hair sticking to your face. Plus, no one likes to find a hair stuck to a workout machine or wrapped around a dumbbell. So, no matter if you’re a guy or a girl, grab a hair tie and tame your locks. You’ll look much more presentable and clean, even when you’re soaking in sweat.

Accessorize like a star

Accessories are a must, even in the gym. They can bring interest to your outfit (especially if you’re an all-black-clothes kind of person) and make your trip to the gym much easier. Grab a good bag for your towel, trainers and water bottle and you’ll instantly look like a true gym goer. If you prefer to work out outdoors, a belt bag is a great option. It’s big enough for your essentials and small enough not to wear you down.

Once you gear up in your new workout clothes, you’ll look amazing and feel ready to give 110% during your next gym session or run. Go get ‘em, champ!

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