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How to exfoliate before tanning?

If you want to exfoliate before tanning, you should follow these steps below:

  • First, you’re going to need to soak in the shower or bathtub.
  • Please take a good loofah or body scrub and scrub your entire body with it.
  • You can also use an exfoliating mitt for this step.
  • Now that you’ve exfoliated your body focus on your feet!
  • Use a wooden foot file to smooth out any rough areas or callouses that you might have on your heels.
  • Finally, use a pumice stone to get rid of any dry skin on your feet. Make sure to apply lotion and moisturize after exfoliating.
  • Apply tanning lotion once you have completed all steps 

It would help if you didn’t exfoliate right before a spray tan session. This is because your skin needs time to recover from both the exfoliating process and the damage caused by dry, flaky skin.

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Keep reading if you want to find out how to make your homemade exfoliation scrub and many more things. 1648482898
How to exfoliate before tanning?

The best product to exfoliate your skin before tanning?

An abrasive or chemical exfoliator is the best product to exfoliate your skin before tanning. Abrasive exfoliators include scrubs, cloths, and brushes.

My favourite is Bliss Rosemary and Eucalyptus Hot Salt Scrub. It does a fantastic job, and your skin feels smooth and shiny afterwards.

Chemical exfoliators use chemicals to break up dead skin cells but are gentler on the skin than abrasive exfoliators. When choosing an abrasive exfoliator, it’s essential to choose something that won’t be too harsh on the skin.

When choosing a chemical exfoliator, make sure that it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients on its list of ingredients.

You also want to make sure it’s not past its expiration date or isn’t too old since some ingredients can become ineffective over time. 1648482919

How to make a homemade pre-tan exfoliator?

You can make your own homemade pre-tan exfoliator by mixing these ingredients below:

  • One cup of sugar
  • One cup of finely ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • A drop of lemon juice
  • One teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Choose the right scrubbing agents. Ensure you have enough scrubber for a complete body treatment. Add in oils. Run the mixture through a blender or food processor to achieve a uniform consistency. The oils and scrubbing agents should mix well together.

Once you have mixed everything together, apply it to your skin. Let it sit on your skin for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. Make sure you rinse it off well.

Pro tip: Store in a covered container in the shower when not in use. Use it in the shower before tanning to exfoliate your whole body, ensuring a balanced, even tan all over.

It’s so easy and good for your skin to make this homemade exfoliator, so you should try it out today.

How long before tanning should you exfoliate?

Exfoliate at least 24 hours before your tan. Shower at least 2 hours before your tan. Moisturize your skin 24 hours before your tan. As for shaving, you can read all about it in our blog post.

Pro tip: Do not apply any deodorant, perfume or lotions to your skin before tanning.

These are the main rules you should follow if you want your tan to last longer. Should you exfoliate after tanning?

Your spray tan will last longer if you keep up an excellent exfoliating routine after your tanning session. Not right after tanning, but a day or two, and you are good to go. 1648482886
How to exfoliate before tanning?

Why is it important to exfoliate before tanning?

Exfoliation is an essential step in the fake tan process since it gets rid of dry, flaky skin and allows for an even application of colour.

Regular exfoliation reduces the buildup of dead skin and oil on the surface. This allows your tanning products to contact fresh, clean skin. Also, exfoliating in advance will encourage your skin to replenish itself faster. Thus, leaving you with an even deeper tan that lasts longer.

Using an exfoliating body wash or scrub will help stimulate blood flow and improve circulation in the areas you are exfoliating. This can result in healthier looking skin with prolonged use.

It’s especially important to exfoliate before using a spray tan, as uneven exfoliation can lead to an uneven tan. Without the tips above, you can even make your own homemade scrub to make the exfoliation process even more convenient. 1648482875
How to exfoliate before tanning?

Conclusion- How to exfoliate before tanning?

Exfoliation isn’t just a pre-tanning ritual—it’s also a leg up in preventing the dreaded post-tan skin burn. Grab your scrub and exfoliate your whole body.

It may sound obvious, but the fact is that many people don’t do it before they tan. Whether it’s because they forget or simply too busy to make time for it, many of us allow our skin to stay longer in direct contact with the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Besides all its benefits on your body – brightening, de-puffing and exfoliating, this process might give you a healthier glow! We hope this blog post shared some good tips and tricks for exfoliating before tanning.

If you want to stay healthy and avoid that sickening tan line, exfoliating your skin ahead of time is worth taking 5 minutes out of your day. It is also good to keep up with this ritual even after your tan.

If you try out our homemade scrub for tanning, don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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