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Fashion 101: Summer Styling Tips for Kids

Since summer is here, it would start the rush to ice cream shops, frequent visits to beaches, dips in the swimming pool, and of course, the excitement of summer styling. Just as there will be some changes in your kid’s lifestyle, there have to have some changes in their styling sense too.

And it’s not only about going with what’s trendy but choosing comfortable fittings that would allow your kids to have the best time outdoors. So, here we have shared some simple clothing tips that would make the summer season a fun-filled ride for your kids. 

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Choose Something Light and Loose

Throughout the summer season, it is a general trend to choose light-colored and loose-fitted clothes as they are the most simple and comfortable clothing options. Make sure you buy your kids’ clothes from a reputed children’s boutique and make sure they don’t have any synthetic colors which can smear on your child’s skin in case they get wet. But, if you are taking kids for a casual outing, colorful and bright pairs would look good. 

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Go Floral

Floral prints have always been a summer essential, and the trend doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. Parents should choose floral prints for their kids as they are incredibly accessible and come in both darker and lighter prints, depending on the season. For girls, floral dresses with cute bellies and cute light-colored tops would be perfect. Boys must be styled in floral shirt prints and half-pants. 

Short Skirts and Half Pants for Go-to-Look 

Your little girl will look absolutely adorable in a short skirt paired with a cute top, and your mischievous boy will melt your heart in dark-colored half pants paired with cool and loose shirts. Not only do these options make a great styling option, but they will allow your child’s skin to breathe in the scorching heat and provide comfort. 

Sun Hat for Outdoors 

It’s summer, and keeping your child indoors all the time is an impossible task. While you can’t keep your little munchkins from having all the fun playing outdoors, you can definitely take out the big sun hat and ensure your kid wears it before heading out to play. Of course, your child will beg you not to wear it while playing; you must tell them that they shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for long hours in summer. To make things easier, you must buy a hat that sits perfectly on their head and should not block their vision while running. 

Go for Sun-Blocked Clothes 

Did you know you can buy clothes that have sufficient UPF protection? Modern parents buy shirts with 20 UPF ratings which apparently means 1/20th of the sun is allowed through their clothing. So, choose summer clothing with a higher UPF rating as it would protect your child from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Wrapping It Up

There are plenty of styling options that you can choose for your kids, but make sure you prioritize their health, comfort, and fun while doing so. 

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