5 Unrealistic Expectations You Need To Get Rid of To Avoid Frustrations

Do you have unrealistic expectations? Well, in this article we look at some unrealistic expectations that most of us need to drop immediately.

They say the best way to avoid disappointment is to expect nothing. But then again, those who expect nothing get nothing. And nothing is something that we do not want to get, or do we?

Having expectations is highly advisable.  When we expect something we are sending energies to how we should be treated. People with no expectations accept any type of results, treatment, and consequence. Now, you wouldn’t want to be treated anyhow, get any result, or face any consequence.

There are some obvious expectations that we have. For example, we expect to be paid after doing our work and, we expect to see growth when we put in the work.

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However, we humans sometimes have this tendency of having unrealistic expectations and that is how we end up so frustrated.

Indeed, people or situations do not frustrate us. We are frustrated by the expectations we had of those people or situations.

I have prepared 7 unrealistic expectations that we need to let go, to live a life with fewer frustrations. I cannot promise a life without expectations. And sometimes even those realistic expectations will disappoint you. It is up to you to get up and live on past the frustrations.

Overnight success

Overnight success is a term used to describe quick and effortless breakthroughs.  Some people expect to make it in life the first time they try something. For example, some people expect to become famous the first time they put up a song, or the first time they put up a Tik Tok.

Well, in this day and age of social media, I wouldn’t say overnight success is completely unachievable. The problem with it, most of those people who became successful overnight are not able to keep with the expectations their new followers ‘fans’ have of them. They end up being a one-hit-wonder.

People will treat you the way you treat them

Sometimes we send energies to certain people, expecting to receive the same kind of energy back. Guys, people are not the universe; they are not the ones to serve karma.

People will treat you, how they want to, how you required them to, and how their mental capacities want them to. It is highly unlikely that people will treat you exactly the way you treat them.

Everybody will love you

It is impossible to impress everyone. Some people will be irritated by your mare existence. Others will dislike you because of the way you smell, talk, laugh, walk or even breathe. And that is okay.

There are over 7 billion people on earth and you will have to God to be liked by all. Who am I kidding; God is not liked by everyone. So, there are over 7 billion people on earth and there will be no time where everyone will love you.

Also, you might get hate from people you least expect. Some of the people who will not like you just for being you are your family, colleagues, bosses, or your church mates.

Furthermore, you do not like everybody yourself. Some people come around for the first time and your energies do not match. So why would expect everybody to be impressed by you?

To always be happy when you achieve a certain goal

It is common for us to believe that we will be happy when we achieve certain goals. Truth be told this is true. I mean, in what world will achieving my goals be a bad thing?

However, we forget that there are different devils for different levels. Once we achieve these goals, we do not stop working to remain at the top. Also, when we achieve our goals we automatically set other goals for ourselves.

If we are not careful, we will be unhappy forever, because we always have goals to achieve. In this case, it is wise to celebrate the small wins and learn to be happy in the process of reaching our goals.

Happiness is not always a choice but we must avoid being unhappy 100% of the time.

Fair treatment

In a completely perfect world, we would all be treated fairly, get the same kind of compensation and treatment. But the world is not perfect. There are haves and haves not.

Therefore once in a while, you will notice people get more than you deserve given similar circumstances. It will break your heart but it will not kill you.  It is up to you to live on and take yourself to places where you are appreciated

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