Why Your Next Dinner Party Should Be Al Fresco

September 10, 2019 in Articles

There’s nothing better than getting out your little book of contacts and crafting the perfect guest list for your next dinner party. If you entertain regularly, the chances are that you adore having people over to sample your latest culinary delights. If you are a whizz in the kitchen, you may have gastronomic soirees every other week. For your next foodie experience, why not go al fresco. Outdoor eating is perfect for those warmer evenings as it allows you to enjoy the last remnants of the day’s sunshine while sitting in nature. Take a look at why al fresco dining should be part of your next dinner party.




If you’re used to hosting formal black tie dinner parties, it might be time that you let your hair down a little. An al fresco dining experience lends itself to a more informal gathering because of the environment and the food that’s on offer. If you haven’t had the barbecue out in a while, it might be time to dust off your apron and hook it up to the gas tank. You might choose to explore the delicious grills of New Orleans or perhaps you want to have a go at pulling as much pork as humanly possible. You might want to whip up a classic wing marinade and pair this with some cold cuts, potato salad and slaw.

Having your guests outside, watching while you cook can lead to you being part of the party more. No longer do you have to be banished to the kitchen. Barbecuing is great fun, and with a little music and the drink flowing, the conversation and company will surpass any other dinner party you’ve ever hosted.


Forget a formal three course affair and do some more one pot cooking. Feasting from a central pot in the middle of the table is great fun. It draws people in and you will find that the conversation flows a little more. Those people who don’t usually chat to one another will do. You could rustle up some Tex Mex fayre or you might whip up a classic casserole. A large main meal followed by a delicious dessert can be just as satisfying as an amuse bouche between every course of the meal you set up. One pot meals are less intimidating and can be just as memorable as a themed formal soiree.



Being outdoors can seem a little pitfall laden. However, with an awning, some hardy furniture and a chimnea or fire pit, you can cope with just about any weather. Being outside when it’s raining but you are dry can be fun. If it’s a little chilly, crowding around a fire pit can get people closer together. And if the hail is dropping, you can shelter beneath an awning yet still enjoy the ambiance of being outside. Whip up some wasp traps so that they don’t bother your guests and enjoy setting a table for your nearest and dearest to sit at.

Being the perfect host needn’t be stressful. Enjoy an al fresco dinner party for a more laid back, relaxing and tasty affair.


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