What to wear the day after a spray tan

What to wear the day after a spray tan?

If you are wondering what to wear the day after a spray tan, don’t wear tight clothing. If you’re wearing a t-shirt or other top, wear something that has wide sleeves, so your shoulders don’t get too warm and start sweating. Wear loose-fitting pants that won’t press against your legs and potentially rub off the tan.

Usually, your clothes are essential right after you have a spray tan, but the second day can be tricky. Some high-quality spray tans will develop after 8 hours, and you just take a shower. Yet, some others may rub off easily, even the day after your spray tan.

Some tips for clothes after a spray tan:

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  • Wear something that is dark, loose and comfortable.
  •  Wear something with long sleeves.
  •  Consider where you’re going.
  •  Choose fabrics that are soft rather than scratchy or rough.

 A lot of attention is put into getting the perfect spray tan; you should make sure you do everything right to keep that tan looking good. Keep reading if you want to find out more about fixing spray tans streaks and many other tips and tricks.

Is it ok to wear jeans the day after a spray tan?

It is ok, but I don’t advise it. You should be clear about the fact that there is a chance that your tan will rub off on your jeans. The same thing will happen if you sit on anything that has fabric that isn’t dark-coloured or white.

If you are afraid that this might happen, I would advise you to wear darker clothes instead of the light jeans you were planning on wearing.

The colour of the spray tanning solution will wash out of most fabrics in a few days, but you may not be happy with what happens to some fabrics in the meantime!

How to fix spray tan streaks?

There are several methods for fixing spray tan streaks; however, don’t try them all at once! Instead, select the one that feels most comfortable to you.

  • Use a loofah to buff out your lines.
  • Try self-tanning lotion or bronzer to even skin tone.
  • Use a body scrub to buff away streaks.
  • Use alcohol-based wipes to clean off your tan.
  • Try some lemon juice.
  • Try some vinegar.

Pro tip: Don’t over-moisturize the area you’re trying to fix.

It may not be an ideal fix, but you can erase some damage with these tricks above. The best option is to try not to create streaks.

Can you go to a spray tan two days in a row?

After getting a spray tan, wait a few days before getting another one. You should be able to cover up any flaws within 48 hours with creams or lotions that match your skin tone.

You can make your streaks less obvious by going over them with bronzer and body make-up or try out some of the tips we gave above. We don’t advise going to the salon again because you won’t like the colour you will get, and your skin will be very dry.

It is not ok to breathe in and expose your skin to chemicals two days in a row. A new tanning session will most likely not fix your streaks, so you will just waste time.

What to wear after a spray tan when it’s raining?

 The rain itself won’t ruin a fresh spray tan, but water and friction can. It’s best to avoid getting your fresh spray tan wet for at least 6+ hours after your tanning session anyway.

If you are going outside in the rain, wear loose-fitting clothing to protect your skin from rubbing, and put a plastic bag around your shoes.

If you still get wet, pat your skin down with a dry towel. Try not to rub it, and wear loose clothes until you are dry.

An umbrella and a raincoat are also good items to have if you are heading in and out of your tanning session.

Conclusion- What to wear the day after a spray tan?

Remember, when picking out your wardrobe for the day after your spray tan appointment, it’s important to stick with darker tones. Darker colours will hide those pesky, newly pale streaks you may have missed during your self-tan session. 

Also, keep in mind that you will sweat more than usual, so stay away from delicate fabrics that might get damaged when they get wet. After you pick out an outfit, make sure you apply a light layer of moisturizer or cream to your new skin to keep it hydrated and help reduce any staining.

We hope this blog post gives you the information you need about picking clothes after a spray tan. If you have any questions feel free to write them down below, and we will get back to you.

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