What is a Firework Finale Set From Red Apple Fireworks?

March 19, 2019 in Articles

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When buying fireworks, you may come across terms like “built-in finale” and “finale set,” especially when you shop online at Red Apple Fireworks, which specializes in finales of all types. These terms may seem synonymous and interchangeable, but they are actually two separate terms used to define what happens at the end of a single firework or of a set of fireworks.

For instance, a built-in finale applies to a single firework, whether it’s an aerial cake, a canister shell, a daytime firework, or anything else that carries multiple shots per firework. The built-in finale is generally a multi-shot, multi-effect show that ends a firework display. Red Apple® believes that every firework should end on a high note, which means a majority of their private-label units contain built-in finales. The Pyrostar® Black Bamboo Fan™, Dragon Fan™, and Phoenix Fan™ aerial units are perfect examples of individual fireworks that each have incredible finales built-in to each aerial.


red apple fireworks


Then, when Red Apple® combines these three single aerials into one case: the Pyrostar® Fans™ 100 Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®, each of their built-in finales are designed to enhance each other’s, creating a massive finale show! Finale sets are designed to allow you to fuse all the fireworks in a case together so their built-in finales will go off simultaneously, making even the quaintest backyard fireworks show feel like a professional pyrotechnic demonstration.

There are five basic elements to consider when creating a finale set in a collection of fireworks. If any one of these five factors are not taken into consideration prior to the fireworks’ developments, then their built-in finales may not be compatible together, resulting in a failed finale set.

For example, the first element to consider is what kind of effects each of the fireworks has. If one firework focuses on large displays such as willows or dahlias, but another in the case spits out mostly rapid barrage fire and comets, these built-in finales will not compliment each other well enough to create a successful finale set.

Speaking of complementary performances, it is also important for each firework to build up the finales of the rest, meaning they should all contain a similar color and effect range, as well as a similar shot speed and style.

Bleeding in from the second element, the third element requires that each firework maintain a consistent break height – they should all go off at around the same point in the sky. Not only are there multiple angles in which fireworks explode, there are also low, mid, and high display levels for aerial fireworks. Utilizing all angles and display heights make for fun aerial shows, but during a finale, it’s helpful for spectators to be able to enjoy a single line of sight for viewing the end of the show!


Another necessary factor in creating finale sets is establishing complementary performance intensities between the individual fireworks. Much like ensuring the performances are complementary in color, effect, and break height, the intensity of each firework in a finale set must be as identical as possible. In other words, if one unit is louder or bigger than the others, their performance intensities won’t match well enough to create a successful finale set.

Finally, the last important element in creating an awesome finale set is making sure each unit lasts for the same length of time. Similar to creating built-in finales in which the individual finale shots go off around the same times as the others, it is also imperative that the duration of each built-in finale matches that of the other units, or else one may be finished too early or they may all finish separately, negating the whole purpose of a finale set!

One of the biggest reasons fireworks are so much fun to watch is because their designers have worked to build a miniature show within each individual unit, creating a bigger show when everything comes together. In developing Finale Sets® by combining the built-in finales of a group of fireworks, Red Apple® shows its passion for the entire process of creating a stellar fireworks show from start to finish.


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