The You In Yuletide: Putting Your Own Spin On Christmas

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It’s a hugely special time of year for families. Trees are being decorated and fairy lights are clicking on in homes across the country. The month of a December has its own special kind of magic, with the promise of the celebrations to come cheering us all out of a winter slump. From finding the perfect gift to preparing a delicious meal, making sure that everything on the big day is extra beautiful is a big preoccupation. But wouldn’t it also be amazing to make it personal? Festivities are all about developing your personal traditions, making things a touch unique and creating memories that your family will never forget. It’s not about how much money you spend on gifts. It’s about the extra little caring touches that make your Christmas day amazing. These fun suggestions can help you to inject some extra sparkle into your day.

Customise Your Outfits

Every family has a different style at Christmas, from those who like to be comfy and casual for their turkey dinner and seasonal movie marathon to those who choose to dress up in their sparkling best for Buck’s Fizz at breakfast. Whichever camp your family falls into, make the day feel special by personalising it. Family sets of matching festive pyjamas have become a hugely popular phenomenon recently, so why not go the extra mile and treat you, your other half and the kids to a monogrammed pair of pyjamas? If you’re into comfort during the day, you could also opt for a personalised family garment like a set of Christmas jumpers – this helpful guide will talk you through it.

Make A DIY Door Wreath

A gorgeous festive wreath sets the tone from the second you or your guests set eyes on your home. And getting crafty to make your own custom wreath is a great activity to do with your children as well. Shop bought wreaths can be expensive and aren’t as personal, but you can pick up wire wreath rings for a low price from crafting stores or online. Take a wintery walk to forage for local foliage to make a wreath personal to the areas you live in – evergreens, ivy and Holly are all abundant at this time of year. You could even make little gingerbread style versions of each family member out of felt and attach them around the garland for an extra personal touch.

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… Or A Terrific Tree Topper

If could be an angel, a fairy or even a star, but what you choose to top your tree with usually becomes the stuff of family mythology. What could be better than crafting one with the kids to become a treasured family heirloom? There are loads of video tutorials for DIY tree toppers out there to follow, and you can make your design as original as you like. Including recycled materials is a nice touch to bring an eco-friendly element to your festivities.

Create A Scent Scape

The festive season sees more people than usual coming to your home as you host friends and loved ones, and creating a welcoming and Christmassy atmosphere will be top of your wishlist. A really nice, subtle way to do this is with the power of scent. Scent is one of our most powerful associations, conjuring up instant memories of people and places. Fragrance your home for the holidays by mixing and matching different scented candles and aromatherapy oils. There are lots of choices, from fruity cranberry to piercing evergreen, spicy cinnamon to earthy frankincense, whatever makes you feel the most in the mood to celebrate. There is something super festive about the gentle glow of candlelight, so place candles in pretty decorative storm lanterns or flickering tea lights in glass holders around the darkest corners of the room.

Indulge In A Custom Cocktail

And when the kids have gone to bed? Why not add your own spin to the day by creating a custom Christmas cocktails. Try adding a festive flair to your classic favourites – a candy cane martini, a prosecco pop with a splash of elderflower and a cranberry garnish. Take it further by looking up a list of cocktail recipes and mixing them up or creating special themed ones for your family. Lots of good fun to make and even more fun to drink!

Press Play

Christmas music can be a real scene setter, and your family will no doubt have your favourite festive tunes that instantly make you feel in the mood to celebrate. Mix a custom Christmas playlist on Spotify to set the tone – from classic crooners like Bing Crosby to modern standards, you can tailor the music to the day and create a great mood all day.

Create A Special Breakfast

Everyone knows that the turkey is the main event, but what you eat in the morning can become just as much of a personal tradition. Create a light but filling breakfast option you can enjoy to fuel the present opening. From smoked salmon bagels, to a festive porridge with cinnamon and almond milk or even a sausage panini with cranberry sauce, or getting in a special Christmas coffee blend just for the big day, add a festive twist to your first meal to make it just as special as the main event.

Start A Christmas Eve Tradition

Why save all the action for Christmas Day? Take a tip from continental cousins in France and Germany who like to celebrate on Christmas Eve, and develop some traditions for the day before Christmas. From special hot chocolates topped with marshmallows and golden cake sprinkles, to attending a Midnight Mass service to join in the singing, to creating a Christmas Eve box with new pyjamas and other goodies, extend the magic to the evening before. If you have small children, bake something sweet together like gingerbread to leave out for Santa, create a dish of reindeer food for Rudolph and pals and leave them out along with a stocking on the night. When the kids are tucked up in bed, you can create Santa footprints by dusting icing sugar near the back door – what an amazing surprise for them in the morning!

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