Peace on the Picket Fence: 5 Things That Might Annoy Your Neighbors

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When we have got our dream home, we start to think about what we can do to improve the place. We can do whatever we want at our home, but, before we start upgrading the curb appeal with a whole range of gaudy stylistic choices, we’ve got to consider the people who live next door! This is why we’ve got to realize when we are accidentally annoying our neighbors with our living choices. What are some things you need to consider? 

Lavish Colors and Designs

It is important to remember when you are fixing the exteriors of your property that you stay in a similar tone to the rest of the street. When you want to paint your house an intense color like fluorescent yellow, you had better check with your neighborhood association to see if it is an acceptable color. And even if there are no restrictions, you’ve got to think about the “character” of the neighborhood. Many people want to install solar panels, but the immediate neighbors may not take too kindly to them. It’s always worth heading over for a quick chat with the neighbors, especially if you are the new kid on the block. 

Too Much Noise

Noise is one of the biggest problems, and if you like playing your favorite songs at loud volume, it doesn’t mean that your neighbors will! You have to be considerate of noise pollution, especially if you’ve got children, dogs, and you like to take the lawnmower out first thing in the morning.

Pet Peeves

If you are an animal lover, you’ve got to remember that if you release your pets out the back garden to go to the bathroom, you better make sure that they are well trained and will stay within the boundaries of the property. Also, you have to remember that in many areas, letting your pets roam free is illegal. If you want to avoid bad blood with your neighbors, make sure that you keep the pets on a leash or within the property

Falling Behind on Your Maintenance

If you’ve got a beautiful front garden, you owe it to yourself to keep this up to code. This is especially true if you are renting a property and it is part of the contract that it should be maintained. It’s not easy when we are so busy, but if we focus on keeping the front of our home’s exterior needs, it will make for far better relationships with the neighbors on each side. If you really do not have the time, you can hire a local neighborhood kid to help you out, or get garden specialists.

Be Careful Where You Park

If you have a driveway, and you choose to park in the street, are you the only one? While you may be able to park in the streets, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Where and how you park can be very annoying to your neighbors, especially if it is stopping them from accessing their property in some way.

It’s so important to keep the peace, and these are all little things, but sometimes we can be none the wiser as to how much we are annoying our neighbors.

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