Making Deli-Style Tomato Soup At Home

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Making Deli-Style Tomato Soup at Home

Tomato soup is one of those comfort foods that immediately takes you back to your childhood. If you find yourself coming down with a little cold, or it’s a chilly, rainy day, you may find yourself craving comforts that remind you of home, your mother or grandmother, and a piping hot bowl of something velvety and savory.

But when we think of tomato soup, often even the most food-obsessed of us don’t think of homemade tomato soup. We usually think of tomato soup from a can, such as the mainstay of many of our childhoods, Campbells, or of tomato soup that comes from our favorite corner sandwich shop or deli, ladled piping hot from a large tureen into a to-go container.

Tomato soup has been around forever, providing us with ready-made happiness in a simple bowl for decades. Unassuming and classic, it’s a flavorful soup that has stood the test of time because it’s easy, affordable, and best of all, yummy. 

The truth is, making homemade tomato soup is incredibly easy, and the results speak for themselves. Soup made with fresh ingredients knocks the socks off of any canned or bulk-made variety, hands down.

It’s not as time-consuming or elaborate as you may think, and tomato soup (whether you’re a fan of the velvety uniform version, cream of tomato or a bisque) can be made with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. To try a great delicious and super easy tomato soup recipe, click here.

The technique is simple and easy to follow, the ingredients are fresh and delicious, and the end result is a flavorful, scrumptions bowl of piping hot goodness that cost you almost no effort at all. You’ll want to sit down with a pot and spoon for this one, as a bowl won’t be enough! 

Variations to tomato soup recipes are easy. If you don’t have enough fresh tomatoes, you can use canned or even frozen tomatoes.

The flavor may be different, but as long as you buy a good variety of canned tomatoes (such as san marzano), you’ll have good results. One area where you definitely don’t want to cut corners, though: don’t skimp on the salt and pepper. These tiny little additions are what make the soup so perfect.

If you like your soup as more of a bisque, don’t blend it quite so much. For those who prefer their soups smooth and uniform, the immersion blender is your friend. 

Tomato soup recipes can be made in the crockpot, cooked long and slow over low heat, for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. It can also be canned or frozen to enjoy later (just follow proper canning instructions).

Tomato soup can easily be made vegan, too, with your favorite vegan milk. It’s such an easy recipe to adapt for any dietary lifestyle or preference. 

One of the things that makes tomato soup so scrumptious is the garnish and accompaniments. Because tomato soup is so deliciously simple, it can be adapted to go with pretty much any flavor combo.

And everyone has their own unique favorite way of dishing up their tomato soup. Garnished with herbs such as parsley, cilantro or basil; topped with a dollop of sour cream or pesto; finished with a handful of freshly grated parmesan or gouda; served with crispy croutons, garlic bread, simple soda or cheddar cheese crackers, or everyone’s personal favorite: a toasty, melty grilled cheese sandwich cut into segments for dipping (if you really want to get creative, why not play around with your grilled cheese variations, too?).

However you like your tomato soup, there’s no wrong way to eat it and no wrong accompaniment to take it to the next level. Tomato soup is a natural pairing for any type of sandwich, or even rolls, biscuits or cornbread. 

Tomato soup is versatile, too; in addition to eating it by the bowlful, it can be a helpful addition to other meals – as a base for spanish rice, used in casseroles, or jazzed up to create a pasta sauce. Freeze leftovers to use in your various recipes for an easy weeknight dinner that will be ready in minutes. 

The next time you’re craving a little comfort and nostalgia, why not make up a big pot of velvety, delicious tomato soup? Easy to make, healthy and tasty, it’s a great way to warm up the whole family on a budget and it’s guaranteed to please everyone. 

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