Make Your Home More Elegant Home On A Budget

by Betty Bite

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Desperate to give your home a high-end look? You don’t have to spend years saving to make it a reality — it’s perfectly possible to make your home look more elegant on even the most modest budget…

Invest in crown molding

Often, what makes a home look more elegant is the little details that aren’t immediately obvious, but which add to the overall design. Crown molding is a case in point. It somehow finished the room and adds a little more sophistication to the space. So, if you’re looking for a fairly cheap way to add a little elegance, start by adding crown molding to your ceilings for a more finished look.


The shade of paint your use can seriously affect just how elegant your home looks. Shades of bright orange or Fuschia pink might be fun, but they don’t exactly scream sophistication. On the other hand, colors like cream, rich black, deep red – well that’s a different matter. Basically, if you want your home to look elegant, you should go with dramatic darks or soft understated color palettes – the choice is yours.

Plush pillows

Pillows and cushions can be picked up really cheap and they can make a huge amount of difference to how elegant your home looks and feels. The key is to avoid those pillows that are as flat as pancakes and choose big, plush generous ones that look expensive even if they aren’t/ Layer them up to suggest luxury and not only will your home look amazing but you’ll be in relaxation heaven too!

Buy new handles

Replacing old, worn doorknobs and handles, as well as letterboxes and other door furniture, with shiny new versions is a really simple hack to add elegance to the home. Chrome and nickel-plated look fine, but if you can afford to spend a little more, brass and gold plated hardware is even better. It doesn’t just have to handles either – switching out the faucets can have the same effect.


If your home is decluttered, it can end up looking a bit scruffy, so take some time to clear out the stuff you no longer want or need and sell, donate or place it in one of many local storage units for safe-keeping and really open up your space. It’s amazing how much difference this can make.

Hand a chandelier

You can, surprisingly, pick up some really affordable chandeliers, especially in antique stores, and they instantly lift any room they’re placed in, not only because they are so synonymous with sophistication but because they reflect and diffuse the light in the most beautiful way. 

Strip back your carpets

Okay, so not everyone can do this, but if you happen to have hardwood floors underneath your carpets, you might want to consider ditching your carpet completely. Hardwood flooring is not only more elegant, but it is also far easier to maintain. Yes, you might have to sand and varnish the floor before it looks good, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Time to make your home its most elegant yet!

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