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Look Elegant At All Times By Following These Classic Dressing Rules

Your dressing sense is one of the best ways to showcase your personality without having to speak. Needless to say that the saying cannot be more apt when it comes to elegant dressing style. 

One of the best parts of classic dressing style is that it makes you look elegant and offers timeless elegance for your personality. It is a trusted look that adds a flattering smart flair to your overall look.

But it is not that easy to pull off a classic dressing style. From colors to accessories, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to such dressing styles.

Whether or not you’ve mastered the art of classic dressing style, here are some rules to get you started. Follow along to learn how to make the most of your classic ensembles, and don’t forget to take notes. 

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Add a solid blazer to your wardrobe

It wouldn’t be wrong to call a blazer a wardrobe staple. It is literally one of the important things that can add charm to your elegant dressing style. 

The best part of having a blazer in your wardrobe is that you can pull it off for every occasion. Whether it is a last-minute meeting with a client or a dinner date, it allows you to create an effortlessly classic look every time. 

Not to mention, it can be paired with anything and transform a basic look into a classic one. For instance, you can pair your blazer with a t-shirt, favorite pair of jeans, and heels, and you’ll be good to go. The look will work perfectly if you want to add a glam vibe to your personality

You can also pair it with a polo shirt and chinos and balance the line of smart casual right away. And if you are looking forward to keeping your look professional, you can pair it with a shirt, trousers, and boots. With the help of a blazer, you have endless possibilities of creating chic and impressive outfits for all your occasions.

Try to match your color palette with the season

As mentioned earlier, colors play an important role in creating a classic outfit. But there’s a catch. Matching the colors of your outfit with the season can help you accomplish your fashion goals. 

For instance, pairing white pants with blue shoes is one of the best combinations for the summer season. In a way, it helps in complementing the shining sun and blooming flowers. During the winter season, you can pick colors such as navy blue, olive, or gray. They are also the perfect color choices for all the evening events.

You can also consider playing safe by creating a monochromatic look with neutral shades. 

PS: Colors are important when it comes to choosing accessories as well. For instance, if you are pairing a tie with your classic outfit, here’s something you can try. Pick a solid-colored tie that is in contrast or has a darker shade than your shirt. And if you are planning to pick a multi-colored tie, go for one whose secondary color matches your shirt. 

Speaking of which…

Don’t underestimate the power of accessories

Believe it or not, accessories are something that can instantly level up the charm of any outfit. In fact, even basic outfits can also be enhanced by using the power of accessories. 

The only thing you need to take care of with accessories is learning how to pair them perfectly. Avoiding it can end up ruining the overall look of your outfit. For instance, wearing statement earrings and necklaces together can make you look a bit extra. And that’s not the goal for classic outfits. 

 And this is not just limited to women’s fashion. 

When it comes to men’s accessories, rules are a bit different. For instance, suppose you are dressing up for a formal event. In that case, the way you match your shoes with your belt can make or break your outfit. It would be best to stick to the traditional rules by choosing the same colors for your belt and shoes. Doing it otherwise can make you look mismatched. 

Similarly, avoid wearing suspenders and belt together. Mixing them both is redundant as they both hold your pants up. It can also affect the aesthetics of your personality. 

You can also consider adding cufflinks to your blazers to create a luxe and classy outfit. 

Avoid mixing different patterns

Patterns have definitely revolutionized the fashion industry in the most unimaginable way. People are actually going up and beyond to experiment with different patterns and create some incredible outfits. 

However, when it comes to classic dressing style, rules for integrating patterns are a bit different. Having too many patterns in your classic outfit can end up making it look bizarre and take you a step further from creating an elegant look. 

Fashion experts commonly call it power clashing. It typically defines a style move where you wear more than one pattern to look a bit extra on purpose. This might work for casual dressing but is a big no for classic outfits. 

That’s why it would be a safe option to follow the golden rule that says picking impeccable outfits without clashing patterns. 

Always wear fitted clothes

This is something many people tend to overlook. See, even if you create the perfect combinations and pick the best outfits, in the end, there’s one thing that’s going to matter. And that’s the fitting of your clothes. 

This is undoubtedly one of the crucial rules to follow when it comes to classic dressing style. 

You must make sure of the fact that your outfits are perfectly tailored to fit your body type. From wrists and inseam to neck and waist, you need to take into account every part of your body to fit your clothes perfectly. 

For instance, while wearing a shirt, there are a few things to keep in mind to find the right fit. Make sure it isn’t billowing anywhere. It should be a close-fitted one. Refrain from opting for a too tight or too loose one. 

To sum it all up, 

Dressing up perfectly is an art, especially when your goal is to look elegant. So, use the classic dressing style tips mentioned above and look graceful at all times. 

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