Detangle Hair without Detangler

How to Detangle Hair without Detangler

In this guide, I will be sharing very simple, reliable and easy to follow steps to get rid of hair tangles without use of detangler.

How to Detangle Hair without Detangler
How to Detangle Hair without Detangler

Beside talent, the best thing a woman can have is her hair-look. Silky, smooth, fine, knott-free hair are eye-catching, so it is wise to invest in your hair as much one can. Messy and matted hair greatly effect your personality, and nowadays everybody is fed up of it.

How to Detangle Hair without Detangler

Good news is that there is no need to use expensive detangling sprays and conditioners to get your hair straight. But how? Let’s find this out!

Step 1: Apply Water or any Oil

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Simply apply small amount of water or use any essential mineral oil. Take a small amount of it in a palm and apply evenly to the hair. Now gently move your fingers through the hair to remove the huge tangles.

Step 2: Make Sections of Hair

Make few small sections of hair, at-least three sections. You can make as much small sections of hair as you can but it depend on your precious time.

Step 3: Clip the Hair Sections

Now clip up all the small hair sections separately using hair clips. This will make the next step very convenient to follow.

Step 4: Combing

Now un-clip a section, and with a help of large-tooth comb, start combing hair gently from tips and move forward towards the roots of hair.

Do not use hair brush as it can damage the hair and cause hair loss. Instead, comb the hair very slowly to avoid hair breakage using comb. Likewise, do the same for each small section of hair.

Step 5: Combining the Sections of Hair

Now combine all the hair sections together and comb again. Now at this stage it will be very easy to comb all hair altogether because by combing each section separately, we have already detangled it.

That’s it. If you have followed the steps correctly, I am sure you will have detangled hair now which you can shape to fit any modern or retro hairstyle.

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