High Rise Desks From Victor Tech: The New Way To Work From Home

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Hey guys! So I have worked at home now blogging and doing photography for 11 years. It can be so much fun and now with the pandemic so many people are opting to work from home. Today I wanted to share with you one amazing solution when it comes to the perfect desk from Victor Tech.

The High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk is the ultimate companion to a work space at home or even if you are still heading to the office.

The Victor DC840W allows you to alternate between sitting or standing while working. Creating a healthier work environment at home or in the office. The standard 48” wide by 23.6” deep surface allows room for essentials such as a monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, a PC while still being small enough to fit in tight workspaces.

Since I have RA there are times when my knees don’t want to bend to sit in a chair, then there are times when I need to sit. This desk is the ultimate solution for me because it gives me so many options.

I will say that this desk is super heavy duty. The construction is magnificent and putting it together literally took less than 10 minutes. Trust me I am not very good with putting furniture together but if I can do this so can you! Literally there are just two legs, two bases for the legs, the table itself, and the controller.

Smooth, electric operation raises the work surface at 0.6″ per second with minimal noise (under 50 dB), providing a fast, easy and quiet height adjustment. Simply press and hold the up-arrow button to raise the work surface and press and hold the down button to lower the surface to a seated position.

This amazing High Rise Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing desk offers and easy control panel, along with four four memory height settings so that you can find those perfect positions for you and save them. Since I am a blogger this will be used as a multi functional desk for typing but then also for photography.

I feel this is the perfect desk when it comes to taking images. Before this hight adjustable desk I was stuck with one height and you should see me some days climbing on a stool to get over head shots. It was almost impossible. Now I can lower it to the lowest point and get that perfect shot.

Image straight on highest level.
Image lowest level

Another thing that Victor Tech thought of is that they do offer not only the black desk but a white as well. So, it should go with any decor you might find in your office.

I can’t stress enough how much I am in love with the High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk! This desk actually came during a time in my life when it was desperately needed not only for my comfort but to move on to bigger and better things.

What else can the Victor Tech High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk be used for:

  1. Like I mentioned above photography! This is a great option because this desk goes up and down
  2. Crafting! I know when I craft I tend to stand up. I make a lot of wreaths and different items.
  3. Using your Cricut! This desk has enough room to use the Maker or any other item from Cricut. Plus it allows you space to work
  4. Lastly, of course this desk is ideal for just plain work. I know I don’t like that word either but we all have to do it right? This desk is total the perfect solution for you.

I would highly recommend checking out the High Rise™ Height Adjustable Electric Full Standing Desk or the High Rise™ Height Adjustable Compact Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

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