Can You Make Your Home Renovation Cheaper?

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Planning a home renovation is a big job. It’s also an expensive job. Many people carry out home renovations over a period of several years, transforming one room at a time while they get their finances ready for further works. 

But there are a lot of ways to cut costs on your home renovation. Being able to save some money along the way will help you get your work done sooner, and it can leave you with some left to cover those all-important finishing touches.

Can you make your home renovation cheaper? It’s time to find out!

Haggle with your contractors

The cost of home improvement works can vary depending on the contractor. That’s why it’s important to get a range of quotes before you begin the work. But even once you’ve got a quote from a contractor you’re happy with, you could be in a position to haggle with your contactor for reduced rates. Some contractors will provide a discount if you pay in cash, while others could offer you a more affordable rate during a quiet trading period. Be reasonable with your quote and remember that cheapest isn’t always the best – find a contractor that offers both quality and value for money.  

Group jobs together

If you’re planning multiple room renovations, you might want to group some of the work together so that your contractors don’t have to make repeat visits. It’s not always possible, and you may have more messy or ‘in progress’ rooms than you’d like at once, but it could be an excellent cost-saver if it pays off!

Buy your own parts and materials

You can save a lot of money on your home renovations if you buy your parts yourself. From hardware to building materials, you could save money compared to what your contractors may charge. You’ll also save them time by having the materials already there and ready to go. You can find affordable parts at stores like Mark’s Plumbing Parts to save you money compared to larger retailers. Shop around and be clever with where you get your parts from to enjoy even further savings.

DIY where you can

Going down the DIY route can lead to significant savings. You will need some useful skills and the right tools, and it can be a lot of fun to do the work yourself. Painting, tiling and other works can easily be done yourself, saving you on labor. It may take a little longer, but there’s a great sense of achievement in doing it yourself. For larger or more hazardous jobs, make sure you bring in trained professionals as you could end up causing more damage and spending twice the money!

Home renovations bring so many benefits to your home. They can help you get your home how you want it, and some upgrades can add value to your property too. By finding ways to bring your project under budget, you could find yourself with money left over to spend a little more to get your home exactly as you want it.

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