nail polish colours for Indian skin

Best nail polish colours for Indian skin?

The best nail polish colours for Indian skin are bright, light pinks, peaches and nudes. What colours should not be worn by the Indians? Black, white, red, navy blue.

These are bold colours that clash with the natural look of Indian skin tone. This means that all black nail polishes have to be avoided.

Black may look good on lighter skin tone, but it is not flattering with Indian skin. Stains, stripes or spots are not the best to put on your nails if you have an Indian skin tone.

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Generally speaking, darker colours have to be avoided as they are unflattering for tanned skin tones. Instead, fairer girls can opt for brighter and bolder colours.

Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone, so you should pick a colour that suits you and that you think is beautiful, not according to your skin tone. 1638200629
Best nail polish colours for Indian skin?

Which nail polish is best in India?

Elle, Revlon, Inglot and Loreal are considered the best nail polish brands available in India.

Elle nail polish offers a variety of colours and excellent quality at a reasonable price.

It has its store in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi etc. It has 350 to 400 stores all over India. The range of shades is red, pink, orange, brown, beige, white etc. It is not much expensive compared to other brands.

Revlon also offers a variety of colours and excellent quality at a reasonable price.

It has its store in Mumbai and Bangalore. The range of shades is red, pink, orange, brown etc. The quality of this nail polish is very good. The price of one bottle is around 200.

Inglot has only 50 or 60 outlets all over India. It is an international brand which has launched in India recently, so it’s not that popular yet. The range of shades is red, pink, orange etc. 

It is not much expensive compared to other brands.

Loreal is the world’s second-biggest nail polish brand, and it has its store in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc. The range of shades is red, pink, orange etc., and it is not expensive compared to other brands. 1638200608
Best nail polish colours for Indian skin?

What skin tone is Indian?

If you find this question slightly weird, here’s the answer: Indians come with various skin tones and colours.

 However, if we had to give a general answer to this question, we’d say that most women in India have wheatish or dusky skin tone. 

If you’re an Indian woman who is naturally fairer than most people around, you might want to use light colours or paler shades of colours when choosing nail colours.

If you are naturally fairer than the average skin tone in India, go for lighter colours like pinks and baby blues when choosing your next nail colour. If you are dark-toned, then darker shades of reds or purples would look great on you.

Here are some colours that we think will work for your skin tone:

Pink baby, blue, light grey, avocado green, light pink, sky blue, red, purple, dark brown, gold.

The most important rule of nail art is to keep it simple. Nail art, which is colourful and complicated, does not look good with Indian skin complexion. 

Many makeup products designed for Indian women have a very strong base that makes their skin appear brighter or darker. This makes the veins under the nails look very dark. 1638200641
Best nail polish colours for Indian skin?

What is the most popular colour in India?

The most popular colour in India is white for weddings, funerals, and all types of ceremonies. For instance, in the game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), all cash prize amounts are in white currency notes. 

Also, in traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies, the bride’s outfit will be in a shade of white.

It used to be saffron or orange, but today, white is more popular. It has also been said that white is a combination of all colours and represents unity in India.

Then should you use white nail polish?

White nail polish does not usually look very good with Indian skin tones. However, if you want to try it out anyway, we recommend putting a coloured base coat underneath it. A nude or pink shade of nail polish is best under white nails.

What colours are lucky in India?

Gold, yellow and orange are thought to be lucky colours in India, and these colours attract money and prosperity to people’s life.

When you visit a house for the first time, try wearing yellow, orange or gold clothes because it is considered lucky and brings happiness to your host.

Asians believe that if a bride wears an orange saree on their wedding day, she will have many children and happy married life.

Yellow sarees are also worn by women who have just given birth because it is believed that the colour can give strength to a new mother.

In Hinduism, orange signifies the sun’s energy, representing the enlightenment and growth of a person’s inner self.

Different countries have different customs, beliefs and traditions, and India is no exception. 

Indian culture has its own set of auspicious colours during various times in life, such as marriage, house warming ceremonies, childbirth etc. 1638200619
Best nail polish colours for Indian skin?

Conclusion- Best nail polish colours for Indian skin?

Particular bright, light pink peaches and nudes are best suited for Indian skin tone. It is about avoiding dark colours in favour of lighter ones.

Elle and Revlon are two of the most popular nail polish brands in India. They offer a variety of colours with excellent quality at an affordable price.

There is no one colour that represents India, but white does seem to be more popular than ever before. 

As you consider what colours will work best for your wedding or event, make sure the shades suit Indian skin tones and cultural preferences.

 If you’re getting married in India, white is the colour to go for. But if you want your nails and outfit to match, it’s best to stick with a different shade of nail polish colour than white so that they complement each other well.

Our recommendations are baby blue, light pink or avocado green. We hope that this blog post gave you some tips about choosing nail polish for Indian skin.

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