4 Things to Think About If You Are Remodeling Your Home

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Sometimes we buy a home with every intention of improving it. Other times, we get a blast of inspiration to improve a room or several rooms. Other times, we see where we can make an addition to make it bigger and more comfortable. Here are four things to think about if you are remodeling your home or building an addition.

Can the Furniture Fit?

A lot of times our remodels or additions create awkward spaces or reconfigure floor plans to make the renovation work. You must ask yourself if you can get furniture into and out of the new space. A lot of times, homeowners add floors or additions to their homes only to find that couches don’t fit through doorways, or stairwells are too tight for dressers and mattresses to fit. 

Talk to your contractor before they begin to make sure that you fully understand the dimensions and measurements that you are creating so that you can make sure getting things in and out will not be a problem.

Where Are the Electric Outlets Going?

Electrical outlets need to be placed strategically in today’s world. Everyone needs to charge something and you want to make that easy for everyone. Making sure you have outlets near the bed and in sitting areas is key. Put outlets around kitchen islands or under countertops so that people can sit with their phones plugged in while they are charging. Make sure outlets are high on the walls so that you can hang a television and plug it in behind the TV.

Working with electrical contractors can help you develop a layout where an outlet is always available and it is placed in the best location. 

How’s the Natural Lighting?

Nothing is more of a bummer than a badly lit room. Natural light makes the human brain happier and helps us with our circadian rhythms. When you are sitting in a dark room, you never know what time it is and your mood can be thrown off. If you are building an addition, ensure that the windows are placed properly to let in as much light as possible. 

When your room is well lit, your colors will pop, your decor will look stunning, and you will feel more at ease being able to see outside and being able to know what time of day it is. 

Anyone Want to Listen to Music?

One of the newest remodeling trends is wiring your house for sound. Many new homes have sound systems where you can play music throughout the house or in certain areas of the house. The speakers generally go into the ceiling and there is a wall mounted control system where you can connect a bluetooth device or your streaming account.

Once this is done, you can listen to music throughout the house and set the vibe and mood when you are having parties or friends over. It can add to the overall joy of your house and puts you in a good mood.

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