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4 Must Have Kitchen Appliances For This Winter (And For Life)

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Our homes and the way we live in them have come a long way in the past few decades. As society evolves and how we engage and interact with our social circle changes and evolves, how we live in our most personal spaces.

Happily, of late, there has been something of regeneration of home entertaining. With cooking shows and celebrity chefs inspiring would-be cooks to take on their award-winning recipes at home, more of us have started exploring our hidden talents in the kitchen.

But, as any good chef will tell you, the tools of your trade are as necessary as the ingredients. So if you’re taking the challenge of creating culinary masterpieces this winter (hey, it’s as good a time as any to start), we’ve found the top four kitchen appliances that you can’t live without, and if you’re planning on renovating soon, they’ll make beautiful accomplices.


With most modern ovens and cooking appliances that use energy-efficient heating for cooking, baking, and grilling, you’ll stand a good chance at being able to keep your food warm until it’s time to serve. But, if you really want to see happy faces around your winter dinner table, then you need a warming drawer.

A warming drawer will keep your plates and serving dishes warm so that the food stays warmer for longer too.


This item is going to top the ‘must-have list’ for all time. Few things invoke a powerful memory like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, making its way through our homes in the dead of winter. Mornings with hot coffee shared with family or running into the house after an afternoon’s thrilling snowy sporting activities to be greeted with top-quality coffee does more than keeping the body warm; it warms the soul too.


We all know the dangers of winter binging and how it ramps up the closer we get to the holidays. And who can blame us? Gorgeous Thanksgiving spreads, Christmas day feasts, and every party in between, so an air fryer is a game-changer for the calorie-conscious family that doesn’t want to miss out on any of the good stuff.

These versatile and easy-to-use marvels have transformed the way we prepare our favorite foods, just like juicy air fryer hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and a whole lot more.


Now, these little gadgets will stand you in good stead through winter and well into spring and summer besides. In fact, they’re just great year-round, and if you’re a singleton or have a busy growing family, these guys will save a bunch of wasted food and leftovers, and who wants to destroy all that gorgeous food you’re going to be churning out this holiday season?

All through winter, we’re blessed with so many wonderful activities and opportunities to bond with family and friends; cooking should be part of that list – never a chore. 

The great thing about these appliances is that they offer function at any time of the year, but they’re also really stylish and look great in your kitchen when it’s time to host open houses.


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