Zoe by QYKSonic A Must-Have For Your Face

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Hey there everyone! After the death of my father in law and the birth of my grandson (yeah! I am that old) this has been a crazy two months. Today I wanted to chat about a new Must have for your face called Zoe by QYKSonic. I must say that I was floored when I saw this new product because of how compact that it was and easy to use on the go or when traveling. As most of you know, I have been living in my camper traveling for the past two months just to get a break from reality. Next month sometime we will be heading home for the winter but each and ever day I have been using my Zoe.

At the helm of skincare technology, LA-based QYKSonic has created the first and only 3-in-1 anti-aging, transdermal, sonic beauty brush that cleanses, massages and applies skincare products with ease. Made of a soft, medical grade antimicrobial silicon, Zoe works on the gentlest of skin types and has 15 different massage settings to suit users’ needs. Zoe’s silicon material also allows for easy cleaning, which means that – unlike other sonic beauty brushes on the market – she never needs to be replaced with new brush heads. Small and portable, Zoe is travel-friendly and will help keep skin looking and feeling healthy all summer long!


I must say that the one thing that I really enjoy about the Zoe is that I don’t have to worry about switching out the brush heads! I have had many sonic beauty brushes, and this is the one downfall that I have always come across. Everything you need to get started using your new Zoe is included in the package as well as a handy bag and charger.

Zoe’s advanced Silicone Bristles work at over 6000 pulsations per minute to gently cleanse and exfoliate the makeup, dirt, and oil that clog your pores and cause acne while eliminating blemishes and minimizing the signs of aging. Here is what makes Zoe unique:

● Provides complete facial and body sonic cleansing.
● Delivers next-level micro-firming circulation massage.
● Minimizes the size of pores and wrinkles.
● Exfoliates without irritating your skin.

I have noticed a huge difference in my fugly face since I have started to use the Zoe. I do feel a ton cleaner and being on the road in all these different places, out of my normal routine when it comes to the environment this has helped me greatly not to break out into one giant zit fest. Ok. Might be a bad analogy but you get my drift. I also love that the Zoe that I can use my own products with the Zoe so no purchasing different things that my face is not used.

Food For Thought!


Think about this: whenever you apply your favorite serums, masks, and moisturizers to your face, most of your skincare products get absorbed into your fingers, and all the bacteria, dirt, and oils on your hands wind up on your face. Yikes. In addition, research now shows the amount of force you use can stretch and pull your face, and eventually damage your capillaries and break down your skin’s collagen. So Zoe’s antimicrobial silicone head smoothly applies your favorite beauty products, and its press-and-roll massaging action allows all of your skincare products to be absorbed gentler, deeper, and cleaner.

I never really thought about this fact much of how nasty it is to use your fingers to apply your serums, masks, etc.  but really YUCK!! The Zoe really does offer everything you need in a compact little package perfect for everyone! These come in many cute colors sure to tickle your fancy, and for the price of $149.00, it really is a no-brainer to buy. I would honestly suggest checking this out if you find yourself looking for the perfect compact little companion at home and on your travels.

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