Zip Into Summer With The Ninja Intelli-Sense

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Summe has to be my favorite time of the year! I just love playing outside with the dogs, cooking on the grill and spending time with my family on the patio. Since my father in law came to live with us, I try to find things that we can enjoy as a family. My husband and I adore having cocktails on the patio, but since Don can’t drink, I now make Chocolate Zips. My husband was the one that told me about this easy, amazing Chocolate drink. When he was a child there was an old drive through that you would go to, and they make them. They are so simple, and this is really something the entire family can enjoy.

One of my must-have summer appliances for 2018 is the Ninja Intelli-Sense, this baby is fantastic, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to this small appliance. As most of you know, I am very brand loyal, and Ninja is just one of those brands that I can always rely on. I think in the 5 or 6 years since I have been reviewing and purchasing their product, I have only had one product that did not shock and wow me. The Ninja Intelli-Sense is one of those products that give you that shock and wow factor.

What I love most about the Ninja Intelli-Sense is that you can do everything with this, almost eliminating most small appliances in your kitchen freeing up space! When you live in a small house as I do each inch in the kitchen matters.

This really is the ultimate summer appliance, not to mention all year round. Everything you need to take your summer entertaining to the next level is included. Not only do I use this for our Chocolate Zips but I also love to use the Sprializing feature to help make my sandwiches for the summer. I don’t eat meat at all so being able to spiral my veggies for my “no meat gyro” is perfect.

I have literally used all of the attachments on the Ninja Intelli-Sense. I used the Total Crushing for the Chocolate Zip, the High-Speed Blending for my Iced Coffee, The Food Processing for my salsa this Friday and the Spiralizing for my sandwiches. I feel that everything worked perfectly and clean up was a breeze. I loved how well the Food Processing attachment cut everything up so beautifully.


When using the different attachments, it is really cool that the smart base of the machine can actually detect which attachment you are using.

Below you will find a a couple of images of how I make the chocolate zips for my family and how I used the Total Crushing attachment. You could also use the High-Speed blending, or the smaller attachment if you just wanted to make one for yourself, no shame in not sharing 🙂

Chocolate Zip (What You Need)

2 1/2 Cups Ice

2 Cups Milk

Generous Amount of Chocolate to Taste

You can also add fruit which makes these amazing, we like to add anything that is in season, but my favorite is Strawberries 🙂

I know this is a super easy recipe but sometimes the easiest things become a favorite in the household. When I crave something sweet, this is totally my go to!! I adore just sitting outside and sipping on the cool drink!!

You can purchase the Ninja Intelli-Sense Online, and there are a couple of different items. I would highly suggest going all out and getting the bundle that comes with the  Spiralizing attachment. I never thought I would use this so much. Check back later this week for an amazing veggie sandwich recipe and how I used the Ninja to make it perfect. Trust me you will be seeing a lot of this product during the next couple of months. I will be sure to add links below as soon as they are live.

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