Yowie Is The Perfect Stocking Stuffer This Holiday Season

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Ello, folks! I hope that you all are doing well? Today I wanted to chat about a comeback company that his hitting the United States, Yowie!

In mid-90’s Australia, a confectionery company named Yowie Group introduced the mission of educating children about the natural world. Decades later, Yowie is making a comeback in the United States with their same mission: empowering kids and their parents to make a difference in ecological conservation.

So, what attracts kids and their parents to this confection company?

With dozens of different chocolates on the market, Yowie offers something more. Each chocolate is in the shape of one of the loveable Yowie characters. Each surprise inside chocolate has not only a delicious sweet treat, but also a limited-edition collectible animal and a full-color leaflet. The leaflet features a picture of the real-life animal, its profile and level of endangerment to encourage parents to start conversations about ecological conservation with their kids.

They can learn more about the topic on their mobile device when they download the free YowieCollector app on the AppStore or Google Play as the brand has quickly adapted to the interactive, tech-focused world that children now live in.

I am just in love with Yowie and their amazing collection of products plus the message to our younger generation to help make a difference.

They are really the perfect stocking stuffer for any age and I know that anyone will fall in love with them as much as I have.

One of the newest products that Yowie launched is its Yowie Gummies. These are so good and like all of their products inside is a little package with an animal.

Also from Yowie, you have their Yowie Bites. These also come with a little mystery animal included in the package as well as two chocolates.

One product from Yowie that has to be my favorite is the Yowie Wild Water Series. If your kids adore the ocean like so many do these are perfect.

I just think this entire line is just so much fun. You can find out more about Yowie and how to purchase their products on their site. I do hope you check out the fun!

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