Your Style Is More Than Just A Look. It Tells Your Story

August 15, 2019 in fashion
Your Style Is More Than Just A Look. It Tells Your Story

The majority of us like to outwardly project unto others exactly what we’re thinking and what we believe. It’s quite an in-your-face attitude, but we like to let people know what’s up. Even the most introverted and shy people like to have that positive attention. Some do it with cars; others do it with their homes. A popular way of displaying our feelings, though, is by the clothes we wear — our style.

For some, clothes are just comfy materials that are worn in order to go out in public while keeping decent and warm. For most, however, it’s more than that. We way we dress ourselves is so vital to our day. We need to have the perfect outfit for the perfect situation while letting people know exactly what our motives are without actually saying anything. A brief look at our ensemble has to tell people our story of the day – and, sometimes, a deeper, longer story.

You probably know this already. Before you head out, how long do you take to pick the right top or the right shoes? Even if you’re not too bothered, you still take a little while to contemplate it. Let’s quickly go through what your style really tells people.   

Your Persona

Your Style Is More Than Just A Look. It Tells Your Story

We’re all different. You might think you’re exactly the same as someone because you share similar things, but you’re a completely unique individual, and that’s amazing. With there being so much you can do to your personal style, you’re able to completely show off the inner workings of your brain and how it behaves. As we said before, people will judge you in an instant based on your get-up; make sure they sense something positive!

What You’re Into

There are heaps of styles for different occasions and different interests. If someone’s into a certain hobby, then the chances are that they’ll outwardly display it. If you’re a more sporty character, then you’ll typically rock a more casual and laid back outfit – perhaps a string vest or some leggings. If you’re well into the high-end fashion scene, then you’re going to show everyone just how much that stuff means to you. There are countless examples of hobbies, interests, and passions being shown on outfits.  

Your Current Or Recent Mood

If you’ve had a good day or a good week, then you’re probably going to show more effort and more charisma in terms of your outfit choice. It’ll tell people that you’re shining. Likewise, if you’ve not had to most productive of times, then your lack of conviction in what you’re doing will probably show.

Your Confidence

This is similar to the previous point but in more of a long-term way of thinking. If you’ve got all of the self-esteem and confidence in the world, then, by god, you’re going to show people exactly what you’re all about! The flashiest or most expensive kit needs to be shown off! Why settle for some cheap, generic sneakers when there are jordan 11 for sale? Why go for plain beige when the pattern on that top over there is beautiful? When you’re flying high, you don’t care about what people think of your looks, because you know they’re gorgeous.


Your Style Is More Than Just A Look. It Tells Your Story

Finally, you get to really show off your creative side with your outfit choice. Those that lack a little of that aspect will typically wear the same as everyone else or stick to something safe. You, though? You’ll be mixing and matching and creating the most original stuff!

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