WrapSit For Any Festival Lover & Dog Owner

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With summer well on the way, it is time to start planning vacations, festivals to attend and beaches to lie on. Being a dog owner, I understand how much you can feel tied down to the home when having a fur baby. It can suck!! Sure. It is a dream to take care of a dog, but it also does honestly have drawbacks, but this does not have to stop you from enjoying what you love this summer.

I recently adopted a new puppy Ike, and I really don’t know what I was thinking. I know that he is going to be a great dog, but right now he is a terror. I still want to be able to enjoy the things that I love this summer without having to worry about him all the time. Over the past week, I have been testing out a new product on the market that I think is something that you will LOVE as much as I do. While you might scratch your head thinking why the hell someone didn’t think of this sooner.

WrapSit is a product designed by two pet lovers just like you! They understand what it takes to be a pet owner and the sacrifices one takes. Being a dog owner is a joy that I have had throughout my life and don’t get me wrong I would not change for a second. I would miss all the opps for my blog in the world for my dog, and that is the truth! So what is WrapSit?

chair cover crate Shih tzu dragging blanket into chair and gear loading into chair covered with Wrapsit.

Simply put it is a soft-sided slipcover pet crate developed for on-the-go pets and their parents. The convenient Wrapsit slipcover crate slides securely onto the legs of traditional folding, fabric lawn chairs. It securely fastens with safety clips, completely enclosing the space beneath the chair’s seat to create a soft, breathable, portable crate for small pets, and giving pet parents peace of mind when taking their four-legged friends to events.

“Pets are an important part of any family!”, said Lisa Beaty Bishop, creator of Wrapsit. “Whether pet parents are taking their furry friends to their kids’ soccer game, on a trip in their RV, traveling to dog shows or agility competitions, or just sitting around a campfire, Wrapsit gives pets a safe and comfortable place to relax. Wrapsit also provides an amazing layer of security for all the stuff pet owners love to bring along. I like to think of it as dry and discreet, whether pet or purse!”

Not only can you use Wrapsit as a little kennel but you can also use it to store your items that you might need during the day.

Wrapsit is super easy to use and convenient which makes it ideal to take along with you this summer on your adventure. When the day is done, Wrapsit closes with the chair and the patented rear panel wraps and secures to become the carrying case; complete with pockets, a padded handle, and a convertible shoulder strap/pet leash.

When you purchase a Wrapsit, please take note that the chair is not included. The Wrapsit will fit on the traditional, scissor-legged folding lawn chair. The owners of Wrapsit actually take the chairs to different stores just to try the Wrapsit on different chairs carried by the stores for fit.

Ways You Can Use Wrapsit

  • Dog travel crate or travel kennel
  • Pop-up cat crate
  • Portable pet kennel
  • Secure item storage for outdoor events
  • Picnic container

In all, I would highly recommend checking out Wrapsit because not only does it function perfectly but it really is a must for the summer and helping you attend those events you might not get a chance to go to otherwise. I have one handful of a dog when it comes to Ike, and I know I will be using this a ton this summer. Wrapsit is available for purchase at www.wrapsit.com for $60, which includes free shipping to pet parents in the U.S. For more information, please email [email protected] or visitwww.wrapsit.com/.

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