Why You Want To Build Your Next Home

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In the words of Greta Thunberg, one of the youngest climate change activists, pollution is everywhere. 

“I remember the first thing I noticed when we came into the harbor. I woke up, and suddenly smelled something. And of course, it was pollution,” she recalled after finished her carbon-free crossing of the Atlantic earlier this month to reach New York. 

Thunberg has been a public figure who has helped to spread awareness among the public about the importance of climate change. The time to act is now. There is a lot to be said about Thunberg’s enthusiasm for climate change. But more importantly, she is a major actor in our day-to-day lifestyle choices. If you are in a position where you want to move to the next step and climb onto the property ladder, you might want to think again about Thunberg’s climate battle. Instead of looking at the real estate market, why not consider building your next home? Not only can you control your environmental influence, but you can also create a space that works for your unique family. 

You don’t have to compromise

When you approach the real estate market, you always need to juggle your list of essential features with the current availability and prices. Sure, it would be amazing to find your dream home with an open fireplace in the living room, but realtors have nothing of the sort to offer. Finding the right compromise between your wants, your needs, and your can haves is a delicate art to master. On the other hand, if you choose to build from scratch, you can work closely with architects to create a property that is more likely to meet your expectations and budget. When you take compromises off the table, the choice doesn’t feel forced. You are more likely to move in and feel at home from Day One. 

It’s a fresh start for your family

Moving into a new home gives your family the chance of a fresh start. You can boost your chances of making it an exciting and positive time when you can manage the project from start to finish. Indeed, keeping stress to a minimum during the process of moving can make a significant difference to your family bond. For instance, you want to organize everything, not only the delivery of your cardboard boxes and furniture but also the first tour of the finished property. The home is brand new, and you’re unlikely to uncover any fault or damage, which helps to ease tensions between people and bring togetherness. 

You can go green in a flash

Last but not least, we’ve mentioned Greta Thunberg, and so far, you might be wondering what the environment is integral to your home purchase. Building an environmentally-friendly home can help to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. Indeed, the US has the second-highest CO2 emissions in the world, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in your household through your choice of material and structure is vital. 

If you embark on a building project that you have control of, you can work with experts such as Virginia Builders and be sure that you get the important environmental elements included. Taking the chance to build greener allows you to set an example, and hopefully the baton will be picked up by other families in the area.

Is a happy house, a greener house? Studies seem to imply that a family house that meets your needs and supports your family reduces carbon footprint linked to improvement works, separate lifestyles, and stress-related electricity consumption. You can protect the planet and your family at the same time! 

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