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Why It’s Important To Fill Out The FAFSA®

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As we all are settling into a new year and many of us are looking forward to beautiful possibilities ahead, the most important people right now out there are our future. 

Today I wanted to discuss with you why it’s important to fill out the FAFSA® and go to college. With the right tools to get ahead in the world today, you truly can make a difference. 

When I first started to go to college, I must admit that I was scared of all the financial responsibilities ahead of me and at first I didn’t really understand the function and help that the FAFSA® can give students.

Heading off to college, my family thought that the best way for me to learn about finances was to do things myself, and I am glad that I did. Who would have thought that this silly girl could go to college!

But…I did and loved every moment of it. From the first steps of filling out the FAFSA® and getting accepted. It really was one of the biggest days of my life. I am still that silly girl. 

The FAFSA® provides access to over $150 billion in grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study funds from the federal government.

Who would have thought that much financial help is available to anyone that qualifies and applies? The only way to know if you qualify for certain programs is to actually fill out the application. 

The application for the FAFSA® is very straightforward and actually is the simplest form I have had to fill out in my life. You might need information from your parents if you are still living with them, but this information is easy to obtain by just asking them. 

Because I am from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and attended college in North Carolina I can’t have a posting that doesn’t mention myFutureNC. 

myFutureNC is an amazing organization that has brought to light the importance of completing the FAFSA®. 

In my opinion, the more college degrees we have out there in North Carolina, the better we will prosper in our state and be able to really have an impact on the world we live in. 

myFutureNC is working to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of completing the FAFSA® and to make sure you have the tools to be able to get that associate’s or four-year degree you need to make s beautiful life for yourself.   

According to myFutureNC you are more likely to complete your degree and do better in your college work if you complete your FAFSA®. In my own experience, I know this to be true. I honestly don’t think I would have continued on if the FAFSA® had not made it easy for me to get the funds that I needed to pay for my college education. 

So you might be thinking to yourself, that “I don’t want to take out any federal loans and that is what the FAFSA® does, right?” Well, not exactly true at all. 

The FAFSA® can actually help you find scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities. This is what I personally took advantage of. I really didn’t have to take out any loans till my final year in college (which was my choice). I was able to pay for just about everything through scholarships and working a part-time job. 

In the end, this has really helped me to understand why it’s important in filling out your FAFSA®. 

Important things to take away from this post:

  • Don’t wait to fill out your FAFSA®. Do it right away as you might miss a wonderful chance at scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities (some of this federal aid is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you complete the application, the better).
  • The FAFSA® is actually an easy application and you really can get it done rather quickly. Make sure that if you are living with your parents they can give you information that you might not have. 
  • Your future can be anything you want it to be! There is nothing holding you back from the future you want. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) should be the jumping point of your future. 

Are you ready to jumpstart your future and mold it into whatever you desire? The first step is heading over to to find out all about the FAFSA® and don’t just take my word on how easy it is, but you will thank me later. Cheers to your beautiful future and congratulations on taking the first step.


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