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Why Brightening A Space Is Simpler Than You Think

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Interior design is a little more complex than many people give it credit for. From ‘balancing a room’ by implementing belongings and decorations that neither make the room feel too busy or minimal while ensuring that the space is usable and enjoyable to occupy is a fine line that not everyone succeeds at finding.

Yet while it’s true that there are many deceptively complex elements to interior design, there are also a few practices that seem intensive while actually being really rather simple. You can see how easy it is to get confused.

Of these seemingly complex but really rather simple practices is one of the most important, keeping your rooms bright, inviting, and making the most of the natural light it receives. If you can achieve this, then rooms will not only feel more comfortable, but they will seem larger and less oppressive in every respect.

But how can we achieve this? In this post, we’ll discuss a few of those measures, below:

Art Works Wonders

You’d be surprised just how incredible art can be at helping a space come alive and define its own character. But it’s important to think of artwork as more than just a piece of interior design, as art can help not only define the presence of a space, but its personality, and your home’s stature. For this reason, we’d recommend considering high-quality and eclectic art pieces, such as those curated by David Hart Galleries, rather than purchasing a simple image everyone may have picked up from your local furnishing store. However, what works for you is also totally valid.

Reflecting Light

It’s very important to consider how you’re making the most of natural light in your home, and how you can do so in a cost-effective manner. We find that painting rooms a lighter color, such as soft eggshell white, can help you reflect the natural light that comes into the room. Having your windows cleaned semi-regularly, and investing in mirrors to help a space feel larger and allowing the light to transmit around a space can be tremendously helpful. 

Of course, a lamp with a lighter shade and placed in a tactical position can also work wonders during the darker months, supplementing the lack of daily light. Make sure you make the most of natural light, it works wonders in helping a space feel open and inviting.

Orienting A Room

Orienting a room and its furniture makes a massive difference in not only how that room looks, but how you use it. Of course, this can also help you make the most of natural light. For instance, keeping the heaviest furniture away from your window will prevent the unnecessary absorption of natural light and prevent it from blocking the sun in any way at all. Removing a large piece of furniture next to a light-colored wall, for instance, and placing it further back, could help you make use of the reflected light that may otherwise help a room feel brighter. 

As you can see, brightening a space can be achieved in many ways. With this advice, we hope you can get there more easily.


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