Why All Tech-Enthusiasts Should Invest In A Drone

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If you’re a fellow tech-head, you know the temptation of exploring all the new products and drops that brands release. Wanting to have the new thing everyone’s talking about isn’t just for high-schoolers; this need for the new, shiny toy lasts all the way into adulthood! Whether it’s the new iPhone, the most recent tablet or smartwatch, it feels necessary to check out these products, to stay on top of the trends and figure out which product suits you the best.

When it comes to drones, however, they are seen by many tech-enthusiasts as being ‘too specialist’. Many technology wizards who love experimenting with tech have yet to be interested enough to purchase themselves a drone.

Drones are still on the underbelly of the technological world, used by photographers to shoot birdseye views, and by gamers who want to experiment with the real thing.

However, there are many more uses of a drone than you might think. Shopping for a Drone has never been easier, with so many companies, variations and sizes of drones to choose from. But why should you, a tech-enthusiast, get yourself one of these elusive pieces of new tech?

Shooting Unbeatable Footage

Even if photography isn’t your profession, you cannot beat the footage you are able to shoot using a drone. There’s a reason why so many professionals now turn to this piece of tech for all their projects.

Using a drone, you can view your hometown, your vacation spot, the inner city, or the ocean from a viewpoint which was previously only achievable using a helicopter! Technology allows us to do a great many things and using this piece of equipment, you can learn to shoot your location with a totally different point of view. 

Getting Social

Alright, alright. You know all too well that if you’re a self-described tech nerd, you probably don’t go out enough.

It’s okay. You’re not alone! Socialising can be hard if you’re an introvert, and you might feel more comfortable just staying in gaming or building a new hard drive. Investing in a drone, however, helps improve your socialization while still pursuing your passion.

Getting together with fellow drone-owners and exchanging ideas, techniques and generally having a good time, can boost your wellbeing and increase your knowledge. Think Pokemon Go, but with a flying camera machine. How could you say no?

Making Your Money Back

There’s no getting around it: drones are expensive. Yes, surprise surprise, these ultra-cool flying computers are not cheap. However, there are ways to make your money back on owning a drone. If you’re concerned about splashing out on one of these things, never fear.

Seeing as so many people are interested in drones, but not so many can afford one, here’s your chance to soften the blow to your bank account. You can rent your drone out for one day, one week or one month at a time.

This way, if you don’t use your drone every single day and want to make some easy money, you can let someone else experience the awesomeness of drone flying while creating an income for yourself. Cool, right?

If you’re thinking of hiring out your drone, make sure to do it through an official channel or site. Read carefully about your insurance rights, too. If your drone is lost, damaged or broken by the renter, the insurance will cover you. 

Progressing In Your Field

Many tech-wizards who own drones have gone on to work professionally with these amazing devices. Being able to use a variety of brands and sizes of drone for all kinds of purposes allows you to make money – and not just by hiring out.

You can be hired to teach others your ways or join a team of drone photographers who can take the best footage in the business. This technological investment can take you a long way!

Next-Level Vacation Photos

Have you ever come home from a vacation and instantly felt the post-trip blues? Yeah. We all have. Taking a drone away with you to your favourite spot can mean that when you get back, you will have tonnes of footage to go through, edit, and post.

Not only will these help you relive the most exciting, incredible moments of your trip, but also helps you show off to your friends. Those who post their drone footage on Instagram and other social media channels are bound to gain more traction, due to the smooth, beautiful footage that’s only achievable using one of these new-age devices.

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