When I See You Again

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Well, today has been super hard on me. As most of you know, we had to put our girl Lucy to sleep on December 2nd, which threw our world into a loop. My husband and I lived around Lucy; she was the boss and in charge. he he he. She was the best darn pup ever (which I am sure that many can say as well). I am just not sure how to get over it. Sure. We still have her brother Ricky but things are just not the same. 

Today as I was going through an old tablet I found some videos that I made of her before I left to help my dad with his hip replacement. While I was away, her hips became worst, and my husband had to make that final call. My dad told me that I should go home, but I just could not leave him yet and then drive on top of being so upset. Everything was done while I was away. That day still haunts me. I was on the phone the entire day trying to find someone to come out to the house to put her to sleep, but instead, we had to rely on great people to help my husband get her to the vet. 

For us Lucy was more than a dog, she was my kid. My husband and I don’t have children, so Ricky & Lucy are our children. I have not been busy with blogging, so my mind just keeps wandering back to her. I know that we did the right thing, but I will never forgive myself for not being here with her. 

One super funny story with Lucy is that when she was a puppy we had to wait to have her fixed. So, needless to say, she got her period. I put a pair of undies on her with a pad, thinking that would be the thing to do. A couple of moments later she was running around the house all crazy!! Finally, I caught her, and she had pooped in her pants!!! We teased her about that for the longest time. When you talked to Lucy I always thought she knew exactly what I was saying and when I would tell that story, she would puff out her cheeks….

Miss you little Lucy. Mommy loves you so much!!

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