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What Being By The Sea Does For Your Body And Soul

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If you’re into RV trips, then there’s a good chance that you’ve spent quite a few nights by the sea, listening to the relaxing sound of waves washing up on the shoreline. The sea is infectious and has a way of working its way into your heart, reminding you of all the things that there are to value in this world. 

But these are no idle musings. Scientific research suggests that being by the sea can have a profound influence on how you feel. It can affect your wellbeing to such an extent that life suddenly feels full of possibilities, and you just can’t wait to have fun. 

The Sea Releases “Awe” Chemicals

What Being By The Sea Does For Your Body And Soul

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One reason you might want to book a weekend house rental by the sea is to feel more connected to your fellow man. The sea isn’t just a large body of water: it’s also something ferocious, powerful, and awe-inspiring. No matter how potent each of us feels in our personal lives, the sea has an uncanny ability to put us in our place and make us feel humble. 

Science has now shown that this might be beneficial. The fact that we can all stand before the sea in awe is something that brings us together and makes us feel more connected to the other people in our tribal group. Looking out at sea with somebody you love can create a sense of relaxation and purpose. 


The Sea Boosts Vitamin D Levels

Okay, perhaps not the sea itself. But the ability to lounge half-naked on the beach sure does help. Vitamin D isn’t so much a vitamin, but an essential hormone that the body makes from sunlight. Beams of light hit the skin, and then the body uses the energy to power chemical reactions which churn out this beneficial compound in vast quantities. When people are topped up on vitamin D, they feel less depressed and have better functioning immune systems, significantly increasing their quality of life. 

Salt Water Eases Joint Pain

If you suffer from joint pain, you’re not alone. Around 80 million people living in the US have some kind of pain in their joints, and many of them are young people. 

Being in the water, however, takes the pressure off joints and allows you to work your muscles in new ways. Water provides buoyancy, taking the pressure off your legs, but also provides resistance, forcing you to engage in serious effort to swim from one part of the sea to another — just Google “water workouts” for people with joint pain for more information on the topic. 

The Sea Makes You Calmer

What Being By The Sea Does For Your Body And Soul

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Have you ever gone to the seaside and found yourself feeling calmer than you do ordinarily? If so, you’re not alone. Science shows that people have a “blue mind,” meaning that we’re hardwired to react positively to bodies of water. Something about the presence of water makes us feel good about our lives and gives us a zest for life. Water is both physically beautiful and sounds great. 


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