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Weekend Projects For Your Home

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There is something quite satisfying about being able to create items and update your home simply using your hands and some materials. 

Being able to relax on a chair that you have reupholstered, placing your books on a table that you have sanded back and reimagined – all satisfying. 

Spending time indoors, at the weekends, can be a much-needed relief from the speed and obligations of the week: school runs, work appointments, extracurricular activities, and the general hustle and bustle. 

Weekend projects can give you something to look forward to—a list of things that you want to achieve and complete. DIY around the home creates a new space for hobbies or learning a new skill like resin art, candle making, or decoupage. It’s what weekends were made for. 

Weekend Projects For You and Your Home


If you have had the same old faucet for some time, you might be ready to change it. You can make this a more significant weekend project and change the sink, too, if you like. 

You will need to ensure that you have correctly measured the new faucet, or this may force your hand and replace the sink. A new faucet and sink can give a whole new feel to your kitchen without construction.

Welcoming Entrance

Home should be somewhere that you cannot wait to get back to. It could be that you have been away for a short break, or you could have guests coming over soon, either way, having a welcoming entryway can make a massive difference to how you feel about coming home. 

Try to make sure that you always have things that you enjoy looking at like having plants by your front door. Several hardy plants work very well at the front door.

Here are some colorful and fragrant options to brighten up the entrance to your home. 

  • Marigold
  • Begonias
  • Hygrangeas
  • Ferns
  • Dwarf Butterlfy Bush

You can paint your front door a color that you enjoy. Of course, if you’re part of a housing association network, or a shared building you’re probably going to have to ask for permission (or ask everyone if they are okay with a refresh). And likewise for rental properties. 

Blue, yellow, red, and green are some of the most fun colors for the front door. 

They are bright and cheery, and even on the rainiest or those snowy wintry days, they will stand out.

Energy-Saving Windows

If you haven’t already changed energy-saving windows, then you might be facing horrible winter winds, as well as leaks, and other issues that come along with old windows. 

Replacing your windows with high-efficiency ones will save the energy cost of your home. 

And while this might not be a weekend DIY project for you, you do get to choose the style of windows. Which means you can then change the rest of the rooms to match! Click here to read more information about upgrading your windows, and the different styles available.

Bedside Storage

If you only have a small bedside storage or maybe it’s non-existent, it’s time to boost your bedside storage. 

You can use an old storage basket and hang it on the wall near the bed’s head. Using a wicker basket will mean it is easy to throw the charger cable through a gap for a phone or a mains plug for fairy lights. 

This is a great way to make use of all of those extra storage baskets that people buy and can’t find a use for. You can simply add two small hooks to the wall, and hoop them through the gaps in the wicker, so the bottom of the basket is against the door. 

Drop it

If your entryway seems to be home to a lot of dropped items like school bags, shoes, hats, gloves, and other things, it might be time to add storage. 

Have a designated drop spot. 

You can create a mini hang-up station for house keys, and space for any mail on the back of the door. 

Pegboards, magnetic strips, and storage boxes are all great ideas. Of course, you can skip all the DIY and get an excellent flatpack entryway storage solution. The choice is yours.


If the caulk in your bathroom is starting to look a little bit cracked, discolored, or even a little bit moldy. It’s time to give it a refresh. 

Most likely, the area around the bathtub, the shower, or the sink has a little mildew, this is often just caused by leaking water, and it’s nothing to worry about. 

You can usually remove the old caulk pretty easily; then, you replace it with a new layer. 

The great thing about doing the caulk seal is it is going to last up to 10 years.

House Number

This might be one of the quickest ways to give a bit of personality to your bins or your front door. Perhaps you would like to replace both. In most cases, all you need is a screwdriver and a couple of minutes to change the numbers. However, you can also create your own. 

Using malleable wire and flat-nose pliers, you can mold the shape of your numbers into the wire. 

You can attach this wire to a wooden background or any image you like and use it to replace your old house numbers. 

There are several online tutorials on how to make a house number planter, replacing your numbers and adding an extra touch of beauty to the outside of your home.

The perfect way to spend the weekend.

Office space 

Almost everybody has either a side hustle, works full time from home, has a blog, or at least has children who need to use the computer to study. Making a small office space area can be more beneficial than dedicating a whole room to an office. 

It could be a simple small area where the bills can be paid or you spend time pinning your next DIY project. Find a small table that sits in the area that you’re going to designate as the office space; this might be the perfect time to research how to upcycle a table. 

You’ll need to sand it down and paint it in a color that you enjoy. 

You can also add artists to the top with Modgepodge, and then once that’s dry, you can add a resin topcoat to make it hard and durable. Add some artwork around the space with quotes or images that you enjoy and feel inspired by. OR, you can opt for a hard glitter top. 

There are so many right ways and that you can create a small office space in your home.

Rearrange Your Cupboards

It is surprising to see how much stuff we have in our cupboards. But many of us don’t realize we can get rid of most of it. If there are tins and dried packets of the food that you aren’t likely to use, but they are in-date, these are great for donations. 

You can also add extra shelving into cupboard space to create more room. It is also a great idea to pick up clear storage bins and tubs to help keep your cupboards in good order. 

You can use a label machine to label all of these up, so you know what is in each tub if you choose not to have clear ones.

Hanging Storage

You can free up all of that valuable floor space in your garage, entryway, or even basement. Things like sledges, bikes, and even kids scooters can be difficult to store and take up a lot of room. 

Adding hooks to the ceiling or the wall will hang these more seasonal items up.


If you have a lot of cooking sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins and baking trays in cupboards piled up. It might be time to add dividers into the cupboard. 

It doesn’t take long to add in, and it will mean that you can keep your kitchen cabinet well organized.


After you have replaced the faucet and the sink, you might decide it’s time to add an exciting backsplash. 

You can use old maps, newspapers, or art work that you like. If you are renting your home or can’t make massive changes due to budget, you can use sticky decals, and they will add a bit of flair without having to make a permanent commitment. 

You can even design your own online and have them printed.

Sink storage

Overdoor wire organizers have been a savior for under sink storage. They are a slim solution and can store several bottles or sponges, cleaning cloths, and more. This will maximize your under-sink space and keep everything in an easy to reach place.

A weekend project can be small or large. It’s all about adding things to your home or your living space that makes you feel great. Items that are both functional and beautiful can give you a sense of calm and relaxation. 

There are many online tutorials, both on YouTube and Pinterest, that can cover how to refresh the back of doors, add decals onto tiles in the bathroom, and even update wooden floors. 


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