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Ways To Keep The Kids Busy On A Rainy Camping Trip

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Camping season is officially here, however, you can’t always rely on the glorious sunshine to be present. At times you are going to have to deal with the rain and with that usually comes bored children. 

This means you need to have a few ideas tucked up your sleeve for those just in case days. 

Just Let Them Get Wet

Yes, you are probably looking for indoor activities for in a tent, however, rain isn’t going to harm anyone especially if you are prepared for it. Pack a few umbrellas, raincoats and wellies and keep them with your camping gear. 

Activity Books 

You can get all sorts of activity books that are great for adults and children. Think about getting a few crossword puzzle magazine subscriptions, sudoku books, or maths and English books. Some really fun ones include connecting the dots and maze books. 

Colouring Books And Crayons Or Markers

Colouring books aren’t just for the little ones to enjoy, you can get some more detailed ones for older children too, even adults enjoy them. They are relaxing and it may give you a few hours of peace and quiet. You could even hold a family colouring competition. 

Card Games

Some board game can be hard to bring on a camping trip, especially when they take up too much room and have a lot of pieces. Card games, however, can be stored really easily and take up hardly any room in your geat. You can also play card games just about anywhere. Here are some of the family favourites: 

  • Scrabble Slam – This is a great one to get in some spelling practice. 
  • Uno– You can get this in a handy travel tin. 
  • Spot It- Again comes in a handy travel pack, it can be played in many ways and it’s fast-paced. 

Some of these games can be also be played using a plain deck of cards and used for other games too. 

Books To Read

You could read books aloud for the whole family, or take books individually to enjoy while getting cosy in the tent listening to the rain. It might be a good idea to create a camping book library where you swap books around the family and then talk about what you have read. If you know that you will be able to look after them, why not take a trip to the library before you go. 

A Blank Pad Of Paper And Pens

A blank pad of paper can be used for countless rounds of hangman, tick-tack-toe and much more. If your children are older, you could try creating a story where each person adds a sentence before passing it on to the next person, the last person then reads the story out loud. 

These six ideas only just scratch the surface with the type of activities that you can do when it rains on your camping trip. If you have any other ideas please leave them in the comments below. 


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