Ways That Google Home Can Work For You

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One thing that I adore in life is my iPhone and Siri. Not going to lie I use it concisely throughout the day. I talk to my father just about every day of my life, and we are always having a little war about who is in what movie, or just general questions. Having answers at your fingertips is really the perfect tech product for anyone at home and Google Home can help you streamline not only your life but business needs.

Verizon offered me a chance to check out the Google Home for this posting and I must say this is one tech item that should be in every home, maybe come standard. With the world focused on technology Google Home is the perfect addition to any home no matter how tech savvy you are.

Setting up your new Google home is as simple as downloading the app. Once the app is downloaded, there is a step by step instructions to follow on screen. It will ask you to simply agree to the terms, and then you have a chance to link your Google Account (You need to have a Google Account to finish setting up Google Home). Once this is done, you are free to link up your music services. This allows you to play your favorite tunes right through Google Home.

The set up process was a breeze! Once I had everything linked it was time to see what this bad boy had to offer. I have included a couple of screenshots of the setup process.


I wanted to give you ways that a Google Home can help you during your daily life. Things that you will most likely use this product for. Below you will find a list of ways to make Google Home, work for you.

 Ways That Google Home Can Work For You

Music: Listening to music is a daily occurrence in the Bite’s home.  We are constantly listening to all kinds of different music. One way you can use Google home is to use this as a speaker or finding that one song by that one artist you can’t remember. Google Home will allow you to easily find the music you want without the hassle of flipping through your music service or have to do a “self” google search.

Shopping List: This has to be my favorite use for the Google Home. I keep my Google Home in the kitchen so that I can listen to tunes while cooking dinner but it never fails that I don’t have something for my recipe. I don’t know why but I will start a shopping list the old fashioned way and bam! It mysteriously disappears. Finally, I can ditch the paper and use Google Home. All you have to do is start a list using Google Home and anytime during the day you can tell Google Home to add something and it will.

Get The News You Want To Hear:  I listen to the news every moment possible because I love to hear what is going on in the world. Sometimes there are just certain things that I want to hear without all the drama (if you know what I mean). Using Google Home, you can easily pick and choose which news programs you want to hear, or you can simply tell Google Home “Ok Google Home play me news.”

Check Your Traffic: If you commute during the day knowing what lies ahead is so important. When we lived up north, there were times when I had to drive from DE to NJ. Such a painful trip sometimes. The traffic was awful! Using the Google Home you can ask about Traffic to your destinationion. This destination can include your home which can be put into the Google Home App.

Set An Alarm: This again is a huge plus for me! I have to keep my day on schedule because I take care of my father in law. If things move just a little bit when it comes to time his dementia just can’t handle it. I tend to set an alarm for all sorts of things like different tasks such as blog posts, images, emails and much more. The most important thing that I always do is set an alarm to remember to wake pops up when it is lunch time. I don’t eat lunch and yes! I do forget about it sometimes. Shame on me.

Guest Mode: One thing that I did not know about the Google Home is that you can actually share this device, super cool right? Say you have a friend coming over and they are staying the night or maybe new to the area. Google is a great way to get familiar with the area because you could ask all sorts of different questions. Using the Guest Mode is easy. Google Home will admit a four-digit code that the guest can then put into their app allowing them to use your Google Home as they would need.

Here is just a little video that I did so that you can see how easy it is to do the above things such as starting a shopping list, playing music, weather and much more!!

The fun with Google Home does not stop there! You can really do so much with Google Home including controlling your Smart Home devices such as Nest and even Chromecast. Using Chromecast, you can launch different apps such as Netflix and Youtube.

You can purchase Google Home on Verizon.com for $129.99. I have not had the chance to check out the Echo that is offered from Amazon but seeing a couple of postings online you can do so much more with a Google Home vs. the Echo. If you would like to see a posting explaining the differences, you can go here. For me, Google Home is the right choice when it comes working for you in daily life.

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