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Warm And Cheap: 3 Simple Ways to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

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Are you one of those people who never seem to get warm? You may be one of those people who always have the heating on, even in the summer! And after a while, this temptation to turn the heating on can mean your energy bills will creep up. These days we need to save money where we can. And whether you are renting a property out to people or you are living somewhere that seems quite drafty, you need to make sure that you save your money where you can. But what are the best ways to do this?

Insulate As Much As You Can

You may have already insulated the attic but where else is the heat escaping? If you have crawl spaces that aren’t insulated at all, there are companies like Crawlspace Depot that can fix this for you. And it’s not just about insulating the main areas but also think about the walls behind your radiators as well as your glazing. Wherever you can insulate, you should do this. As soon as you start to insulate as much as you can, you won’t need to put the heating on.

Cook One Meal!

This may seem like a very strange notion but when you start to think about how much energy you use throughout the course of a day if you can minimize your energy expenditure, especially through items like the oven which uses a lot of electricity or gas, you can begin to be savvy with your day to day life. Cooking one meal every couple of days but making sure that it is big enough to go further will save you a decent chunk of energy.

This is something you can take into other areas of your life. Once you start to batch cook meals it makes you think about buying items of food that will go further. And right now when we’ve got to make our food go a bit further it truly makes us think about every little thing. If you cook one meal that can last a couple of days or you get into the habit of batch cooking a huge pile of meals to freeze, you will save so much.

Be Careful Of “Phantom” Power

When you leave your sockets plugged in but it’s not being used for anything this can add a small chunk of your energy bill. And while nobody likes the idea of switching off their plugs every time they leave a room if you can get into the habit of switching everything off at the end of the day rather than leaving your television and other electrical outlets on standby, you will see a big difference. 

If you struggle to keep warm it can be frustrating to put the heating on all the time, especially when you’ve got a significant energy bill to pay. If you can insulate but also get into the mindset of just how much energy you use in other ways, this can go some way to save you money.


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