Walk Your Dog In Style: Two Must-Have Products For Dog Owners

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Most of us, including myself walk our dogs a great deal. Sure we could go to Walmart and pick up a standard leash and collar, along with accessories, but why? Why not support smaller businesses and get a more unique pick of items. I wanted to share with you two brands that really stood out for me to help walk your dog in style this season.

I have to admit that this posting is so hard for me to write because usually Ricky was my blogging pal. He understood how to take pictures and Ike is learning slowly. After 17 years of having Ricky by my side, I literally am balling writing this but these companies truly are amazing.


Being a pet parent means picking up the doo or poo, right? It is not our favorite part of being a pet owner but it is something we have to do. Dooloop is essential and used daily for all dog parents. Since I no longer have my older boy, Ike and I go on long walks meaning he makes a poo at least two times (tmi?). Being able to not have to carry the poo bag is amazing.

This hands-free dog waste poop bag holder puts easy cleanliness right at hand. BPA free, non-toxic plastic dooloop attaches to a leash or backpack with the ball chain or a carabiner and firmly holds multiple full bags, so you don’t have to. Made in Maine with minimal packaging. A must have dog leash accessory for when you’re out walking your dog. Love your walk. 

Sassy Woof

My next must have-brand for walking your dog in style is Sassy Wolf, OMG I am in love with their collection. They offer leashes, collars, harnesses, and even items for dog parents. Everything you need to keep your pup in style this season and beyond.

I would totally recommend for the ending of the summer the Citrus Got Real Bundle. I adore the vibrant colors and everything is made so nicely.

This bundle includes everything!

The only thing that I could not use because I had ordered this for Ricky is the harness. He loved it!! It was so comfortable for him and fit like a glove. Unfortunately, this will not be in my posting. I’m sorry.

My boy Ike is loving his new collar and bow tie. He looks so smart!!!

Another must is the Rope Leash – Clementine. I am in love with the color and love that they added the little charm in rose gold and the hook is rose gold as well.

For your looking for a little treat for yourself I would recommend checking out the Sassy Woof Cold Cups. I am in love with the “Central Pawk” cup it is so cute! Then on the back side it says “dog mom”. So fitting for your new threads for your fur babies.

I do hope that you check out Dooloop and Sassy Woof, these two brands will make walking your dog so much fun and give your pup amazing style to boot.

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