Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes: Indulge Yourself

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Ello, Folks! As the weekend is coming closer, I wanted to share this fantastic Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundaes recipe with you. One thing that goes perfect together like bread and butter is a brownie and ice cream. These babies are super simple to make with limited ingredients. They are also ideal for entertaining.

One thing that I love is to share amazing yet simple ideas for entertaining, and these brownie sundaes are perfect no matter the age of the group you might have. From adults to children, these babies are tasty.

I can remember as a child going to a local ice cream shop in Chambersburg, PA and getting something very similar to this Waffle Bowl Brownie Sundae creation that I am sharing. To start you will want to find your favorite brownie mix. Prepare brownies according to package instructions and cut out round pieces to fit inside a waffle bowl using a cookie cutter.

Tip: make sure the brownies are under-baked. Overcooked brownies will make eating the sundae difficult to eat without breaking the waffle bowl.

One of my favorite brownie mixes you can actually purchase online at Amazon, which is the Chewy Fudge. I find that this works perfectly for this recipe.

Prepare the waffle bowls by melting the chocolate according to package instructions. Place the melted chocolate in a shallow bowl that is wide enough to dip the top of the waffle bowls in. Dip each bowl into the melted chocolate and sprinkle sprinkles around the edge while the chocolate is still warm. Set the bowls aside to allow the chocolate to set.

When the chocolate on the bowl has hardened, place the round brownie pieces inside each bowl.

Top the brownie with a scoop of ice cream. Drizzle chocolate syrup over the ice cream and top with additional sprinkles and a cherry.

These are just so perfect and easy to make. You could even use different types of brownie mix to make it a bit more fun but I prefer the regular chocolate brownie mix. Like I said above make sure to under cook the brownies just a bit as it makes this much easier to eat. Below you will find a full recipe. I do hope that you check these out. They are so much fun to make and EAT !!

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